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help with THE deck! ^.^

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i need help with this deck.

Mewtwo EX
Entei EX
Zekrom EX (getting rid of possibly)
White Kyurem EX
Giratina (team plasma)
Regigigas http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-trading-card-game/database/diamond-pearl-series/dp6/37/
Latias (dragon vault)
Gligar http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-trading-card-game/database/diamond-pearl-series/dp6/94/
Gold Potion
Tropical beach
Hypnotoxic laser
Cilian 2
Rocky helmet
Rescue scarf
Energy Search 2
Energy Returner
Life Herb
First ticket
pokemon catcher
Blaine's Quiz #2
double colorless Energy 4
Call energy 2
Recover Energy
Prism energy
Plasma energy
Cyclone energy
Blend energy (fighting water metal electric)
psychic 5
Fire 6
water 3
Electric 5

I think i will be getting rid of all my electric as soon as i get chandelure http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-trading-card-game/database/bw-series/bw9/16/
but if there is anything else you think i should remove and replace with, add more of. or just get rid of just comment! (or answer.)

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4 EX's... gg dude :3
thanks! i pulled both my black and white kyurem in the same box! to cool! should i get rid of my electric type's? and if you send me an fire type EX i will send you zekrom k?

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