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[RMT] Stall Team

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Skamory @ Shed Shell
Ability: Sturdy
Impish Nature
224 HP / 252 Def / 32 SpD
Roost | Spikes | BraveBird | Whirlwind

The lead to the team, Skarmory sets out to do one thing in mind, put up has many entry hazards as possible before having to be switched out. Skarmory is the main defensive wall of the team and is great for soaking up damage that would otherwise tear through Gastrodon. Roost is a strong heal to help Skarmory stay in longer. Laying spikes is Skarmory's main goal so that Foretress has an easier job. Bravebird is to combat troublesome grass-types while Whirldwind is to phaze sweepers. Overall Skarmory is a helpfull counter that can set up well and wall most physical attackers.

Rapid Spin Block

Jellicent @ Leftover
Ability: Cursed Body
Bold Nature
248 HP / 216 Def / 44 Spe
Scald | Will-O-Wisp | Recover | Taunt

A multi-purpose counter of the team Jellicent's main goal is to counter Rapid spin users from making us reapply entry hazards. Jellicent is a mixed semi-wall that can last awhile with leftovers. Scald is a strong STAB move with the chance to cause burn. Will-O-Wisp is a guranted burn if it doesn't miss. Recover will allow Jellicent to stay in longer while taunt with good predicting can leave the enemy in a tight situation. Jellicent is a strong counter that works well against most pokemon since is has good base special defense and good defense after evs.

Status Immune

Gliscor @ Toxic Orb
Ability: Poison Heal
Clam Nature
244 HP / 40 Def / 224 Spe
Substitute | Toxic | Protect| Earthquake

Gliscor is the main force behind the team. Gliscor will try to come in after the rest of the team has set up allowing it to widel down the opponent. Poison Heal makes it so that Gliscor getting poisoned is a benefit, this completly counter other teams that use toxic. Toxic Orb will poison Gliscor allowing him to get 12.5% health back each turn. The main thing Gliscor does is toxic enemy's and wait them out with Substitute and protect. Along with entry hazards that hurt the enemy for switch Gliscor Slow kill the entire team. Finaly Earthquake is a very strong stab if it is needed.


Gastrodon @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Storm Drain
Bold Nature
252 HP / 248 SpD / 8 Spe
Scald | Recover | Toxic| Clear Smog

Gastrodon is the main special tank of the team. Gastodon is here to counter certain threats, namely drizzle teams and sweeper that require set up. The sitrus berry is their so Gastrodon can survive longer. Storm drain makes it so that water sweepers from drizzle can't touch you with water move. Gastrodon is also immune to electric making the fearful Rotom-W very easy to deal with. Scald is a strong STAB move and recover is there not to have to take up the wish. Toxic is there to take down bulky pokemon and Clear smog removes stat changes so that set up sweepers can't OHKO the entire team.

Rapid Spin

Forretress @ Occa Berry
Ability: Sturdy
Relaxed Nature
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
0 Spe Iv
Rapid Spin | Stealth Rock | Spikes | Volt Switch
Forretress' main purpose is to combat other entry hazards. Occa Berry is there to block against the threat of fire moves. Rapid Spin removes all entry hazards so that our other pokemon can come is without harm. Stealth rock is the easiest entry hazards to set up and the second thing forretress needs to do. Spikes is to either set up for skarmory or finish where skarmory left off. Hidden power ice is there to combat grass types for Gastrodon and Jellicent. Finally Forretress is the main counter to trick rooms with its low speed and 0 speed ivs.


Chansey @ Eviolite
Ability: Natural Cure
Nature: Bold
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spe
Wish | Softboiled | Seismic Toss | Aromatherapy
Chansey is the cleric of the team and aims to keep the entire team alive. With eviolite chansey becomes a lot stronger then its counter part Blissey. With the change to wish you can now pass on 50% of chansey's health to another pokemon. This will usually heal any pokemon fully. Softboiled is there to heal chansey without having to waste wish. Seismic Toss is the only real way chansey can do damage and Aromatherapy with heal all status effect. This is the only real way to heal the other pokemon of the team.

Leave your advice and opinion below please.

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This team is very well organized. I have only one suggestion which is to try to add a U-turn or volt switch into the team somewhere. It's always good to have this to shift without set back. This is completely preference on my part. Anyway good job I am anxious to see more.
Thank You for the reminder, I had volt switch on forretress but for some reason changed it out for HP Ice. Thanks again.
I would choose Cofagrigus over Gastrodon, since it has Haze and really good bulk. Clear Smog won't hit Pokemon that are immune or reset stats if they're behind a substitute. Also, give Forretress Leftovers. Occa Berry won't be much help since its Sp. Def is so low.

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