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Hey, jut wondering if anyone could give my OU team a quick look over and tell me if it's decent? Thanks!

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Milotic (F) @RedCard
Marvel Scale
Calm Nature
-Ice Beam
-Confuse Ray
-Hydro Pump

Liligant (F) @BigRoot
Own Tempo
Timid Nature
-Teeter Dance
-Petal Dance
-Giga Drain

Galvantula (F) @LifeOrb
Timid Nature
-Volt Switch
-Bug Buzz
-Giga Drain

Garchomp (F) @LeftOvers
Rough Skin
Jolly Nature
-Swords Dance
-Dragon Claw

Forretress (F) @RockyHelmet
Impish Nature
-Toxic Spikes
-Rapid Spin
-Volt Switch

Tornadus (M) @LifeOrb
Modest Nature
-Rain Dance
-Air Slash
-Focus Blast

asked Oct 1, 2013 by Thundawolf
The movesets need help. Like, get rid of either Giga Drain or Petal Dance, don't have both. Tornadus shouldn't have Air Slash AND Hurricane. SR > Spikes on Forry.
prettr good but i would make a few changes:

melotic: is good but i would go with life orb or choice specs and replace confuse ray with hidden power ground

liligant: like pokeslash said: giga drain or petal dance, one or the other, not both. Sleep Powder, Quiver dance, Petal dance, Leech Seed.

Galvantula: he's ok...

Garchomp: sub: ok. swords dance: ok. dragon claw: NOT ok, swap it with outrage and let him hold a lum berry, E quake: ok

Forrotress: ok but i would use stealth rock over toxoc spikes.

Tornadus: if you want rain, then replace a pokemon with drizzle politoed, so use: rest, sleeptalk, hurricane OR airslash, focus  blast

hope i helped
Thanks guys, as far as the team goes I actually do pretty well with it, and Milotic has confuse and Red Card just to keep it safe against some of it's more tough opponents, Liligant's set up is there to make it annoying for those I shut it down with, Giga Drain being there simply to replenish it, but I can see where Leech Seed might come in handy, as for Garchomp I just prefer the Dragon Claw for OU, but on something like Ubers I could use Outrage so thanks for that, and Torandus was honestly just a bit of a throw in, I just wanted to fill the spot with a decent Hurricane user. But thanks again for the feed back
Fizz, why did you convert? That was fine. Nothing against you, but an answer for every poke is fine, even if the suggestions are mediocre. If it is absolutely  bad, hide it.
It didn't meet answer standards imo; it definitely could have been explained in more detail in terms of why exactly the change proposed should be considered. Really, it could be an answer and a comment both, but the content is more suited in a comment that an answer imo.
Full rates shouldn't be converted.
To me it isn't a matter of whether or not it was rated fully; it is how well it was rated, and what suggestions it contains. Going by what you said, if somebody suggested a single move change for each Pokemon on the team, it'd be considered a full rate. And really, it is not.

That answer was more comment than answer imo. Why should Milotic have LO/Specs? What does it help Milotic to hit? These are the things the answer lacks.

Also, if this is going to continue, could we do it on my wall? This is a debate between two people; not a rate rate on the asker's team.

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