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Gen 5 NU Team

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Not much to really say about this one, just a NU team I made on Showdown. NOTE: MOST of these pokes have Smogon sets and etc.

Item: Choice Band Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Jolly
Ev's: 252 speed/ 252 attack/4 hp
Move set:
Flare Blitz
Mega horn
Wild Charge
Morning Sun

Who else but my favorite to lead the charge? Anyways, oval I think this one is pretty much fine as is. Sadly it never lives long. :/

Item: Light Clay Ability: Overgrow
Nature: timid
Ev's: 252 speed/252 hp/4 sp. def.
Move set:
Light Screen
Giga Drain
Leech Seed

Usually I send this one out the beginning of a battle (as lead). Also is usually the last to go down before I loose. Nice screen setter-uper.

Item: Life Orb Ability: Swift Swim
Nature: Modest
Ev's 252 attack/ 252 speed/ 4 hp
Move set:
Hydro Pump
Ice Beam
Shell Smash
Hidden Power Grass

Not much to say, life-orb-hydro-pumping things is fun!

Item: Focas Sash Ability: Swarm
Nature: Jolly
Ev's: 252 hp/252 speed/4 defense
Move set:
Mega horn
Aqua Tail
Rock slide

Set's up spikes and is fast, I dunno, Next!

Item: leftovers Ability: water absorb
Nature: Calm
Ev's: 248 hp/252 sp. def/8 sp. attack
Move set:
Ice Beam

I have no idea what i was thinking when I made this thing. XD Lapras probably needs some help.

Item: White Herb Ability: Shell Armor
Nature: Sassy
Ev's: 252 sp. def./252 hp/4 attack
Move set:
Rapid Spin
Stealth Rock

I didn't like any of the Smogon sets for this one so I had some fun. XD Don't ask what I was thinking, because I was thinking nothing.

Overall, I like this team, but it probably could use some work. Help is appreciated, and thanks! :D

asked Nov 6, 2013 by CluelessPonyta

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Your rapidash set is fine except for morning sun. On a choice band set there is really no point on running a recovering move since you will be locked into it. Replace morning sun with iron tail or drill run. Iron tail has bad accuracy but rapidash doenst have the best movepool so that or drill run would be better.

This set is fine, nothing wrong here.

I think you have your Evs wrong here xD swap then from attack to special as all of your moves are special attacks, not physical. move set if fine, maybe consider running a white her instead of life orb to restore the lowered defense stats but thats up to you :)

Swap the Hp Evs for Attack ones, focus sash will work better then, and anyway if its going to get left with one health on 252hp evs it might aswell be left with 252 attack evs so you can hit back harder.

replace thunderbolt with protect, just to stall out toxic damage and to get a bit of hp from leftovers. Evs are good everything else fine :)

Torkoal set is also good, nothing wrong here except it serves better as a defenseive wall rather than special deffensive, once again just switch the EVs over.

All in all this isnt a bad NU team.
Hope my advice helped :)

answered Nov 7, 2013 by Slapmyturnip
selected Nov 11, 2013 by CluelessPonyta
lol, they are special attack ev's on gorebyss, I just messed up when typingXD thanks :)
No worries c: