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Rate my Almost-Invincibe-Double-Battle Team

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This is for a Double Battle in Gen IV, and the pairs are Skarmory and Starmie, Ninetales and Salamence, Nidoking and Shedinja.
Keen Eyes – Impish – Occa Berry
Steel Wing
Stealth Rock
Aerial Ace
Skarmory is used to set up Rocks and Spikes early in the game; you need a Hazard setterupperer in almost every Competition Team.

Natural Cure – Timid – Bright Powder
Rapid Spin
Ice Beam
Starmie is my Spinner, with a huge speed and a means of HP recovery. Used to remove Hazards early game.

Flash Fire – Modest - Leftovers
Sunny Day
Solar Beam
Ninetales is my weather woman, so that she and her team mate can fight well, and the new weather is to remove Hail / Sandstorm, which is extremely important for the next pair.

Intimidate – Adamant – Lum Berry
Dragon Dance
Salamence works with Ninetales, as she can remove Steel types that pester her (referring to Salamence) and get in the way of her Outrage. Flamethrower becomes powerful in the sun, even with the hindered Sp. Atk stat. Outrage after a few Dragon Dances sweeps Pokemon away, without any problem at all.

Rivalry – Jolly – Quick Claw
Poison Jab / Poison Fang
Nidoking is used to set up Taunt and Torment, which is useful more than you could ever imagine. They are the foundation to making his partner practically invincible.

Wonder Guard – Adamant – Focus Sash
X- Scissor
Swords Dance
Shadow Sneak
Shedinja, paired with Nidoking is almost invincible. The only way it can be defeated is to take a burn from Fire type moves, if there is already weather in play that Ninetales didn't get rid of, or if Starmie failed to remove entry hazards. After a few Swords Dances, Shedinja becomes a beast to reckon with.

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Any criticism and suggestions are definitely welcome.
Instead of making a ridiculously weak Pokémon strong with a whole team, you can focus on way more versatility.
Honestly, Shedinja is nowhere close to be worthy in Doubles. Rock Slide, Lava Plume ...
Have you ever thought of them ? Nidoking is not gonna take every hit for Shedinja.
Shedinja has a Focus Sash. Meaning any hit that is super effective useless anyway, so fire type moves are the only way to defeat it with an attack.
Status moves are useless due to Taunt. And moves can only be used once in a row thanks to torment. And Shedinja takes no damage from Nidokings Earthquake anyway.
And this isn't my 'every competition team'. It's just one I could use against my freinds and other people if I want to.
Then go ahead.
Shedinja could run into any wall that happens to know toxic, which just about every Pokemon learns.

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