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Rate my updated X team

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This team is mainly used for double battles, but it can work in singles.

Item: Leftovers
Ability: Serene Grace
Nature: Calm

Heal pulse

The ultimate staller of doubles. It toxics everything, heals it's allies whilst regaining health and takes special moves like a tank.

Item: Scizorite
Ability: Swarm
Nature: Adamant

Iron Head
Swords Dance

Mega evolve, swords dance 3 times then attack. Opponent=dead.

Item: Lustrous Orb
Ability: Sand veil
Nature: Adamant

Fire fang
Dragon rush

Epic attack and defense with allot of coverage. It makes for a good lead with Blissey.

Item: Life orb
Ability: Flame body
Nature: modest

Fire blast
Bug buzz
Quiver Dance

EXTREMELY high special attack makes everything instantly die. Its weakness to stealth rock is risky but its usually not so bad.

Item: Tyranite
Ability: Sand stream
Nature: Adamant

Focus blast
Stone edge

Considering putting the assault vest on it since I rarely mega evolve it. It takes loads of hits whilst dealing loads of damage, what more can I say?

Item: Not sure what to have
Ability: Marvel scale
Nature: Bold

Ice beam
Toxic (suggest something better)

Florges, salamence, walrein, W Rotom, electivire and Gliscor all work in this position too. Milotic seems to work best though. It takes hits, deals damage and has coverage. Old but effective.

All the help you can give will be appreciated. Thanks :D

asked Jan 19, 2014 by SwaggyDuck
edited Jan 19, 2014 by SwaggyDuck
EVs please. Natures toO
I've added natures and Milotics ability. I haven't EV trained them yet, that is my next thing to do.
Where did you catch Milotic, Scizor, AND Volcarona
You can get scyther at route 21 and feebas and chansey are both at friend safari. I can breed you them if you want?
Lustrous Orb Garchomp ?

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I am not really the best at team building myself, but I will see what I can do here.

You might want to try giving it Wish in place of Softboiled or Heal Pulse. Seismic Toss might not be a bad option for an attack on this set.

Give it Technician, and use Bug Bite, Bullet Punch, and U-Turn. If the opponent has any fire move, he will die, so you will have to switch, and lose all your Swords Dances, so try shifting your strategy a little.

You must use Rough Skin, San Veil is banned. Use Swords Dance in place of Surf, and I'd recommend Dual Chop, Dragon Claw, or Outrage in place of Dragon Rush for more reliability.

Looks good. But if you want to use it, you need a spinner. If you don't want a spinner, and want another fire type, I can recommend Infernape. Try:

Infernape@ Wide Lens
EV's: 252 Spd, 128 Atk, 128 SpAtk
Trait: Blaze
Hasty/Naive Nature

-Fire Blast/Blaze Kick
-Focus Blast
-Stone Edge
-Shadow Claw


Infernape@ Assault Vest
EV's:252 Spd, 128 Atk, 128 SpAtk
Trait: Blaze/Iron Fist
Naive Nature

-Flamethrower/Fire Punch
-Close Combat/Mach Punch
-ThunderPunch/Ice Punch
-Shadow Claw

Infernape is a great Fire-type with the added bonus of not being weak to Rock. The first set allows for more power at the cost of lower accuracy, which is somewhat helped by Wide Lens. The latter set is good if you want to be ale to tank out more hits, and Iron Fist boosts Fire, Mach, Thunder, and Ice Punches. Shadow Claw hits Psychics and Darks hard.

I prefer Flamethrower or Fiery Dance instead of Fire Blast, generally speaking, if you do hang on to Volcarona


Definitely use Assault Vest. Try Dragon Claw or something in place of Focus Blast, Tyranitar's Special Attack isn't the best ever. But if you want to use Volcarona, replace him with a spinner. I generally like:

Donphan@Leftovers/Kee Berry
EV's: 252 Atk, 252 HP, 4 Def
Trait: Sturdy
Impish/Adamant Nature

-Rapid Spin
-Ice Shard
-Stone Edge

Fairly self-explanatory bulky Rapid Spin set. Stone Edge over Stealth Rock due to it being a BW2 tutor move and therefore unavailable. Kee Berry increases Defense when hit by a physical move.


Set seems fine from here. No ideas for a better move than Toxic.

Hope I helped!
-Yours truly, InfernapeBurn

answered Feb 13, 2014 by Alpha Burn
You are getting better at answering. Keep it up ;)
thanks, arca