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Rate my OU Team (1/10)

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Well, i wanna know what you guys think of my team ...


Ability:Blaze (Tough Claws when Mega Evolve)
Nature: Jolly
-Outrage(Stab Tough Claws)
-Dragon Dance(only need to Use 2 Dragon Dance. Sweeps a Team)
-Flare Blits (Stab + Tough Claws)
-Earth Quake (good Type Coverage)
EVs : 251 Atk/251 Spe/4 SpD


Ability:Inner Focus
@Life Orb
-Fake Out ( I use this move for check the foes Defenses. Sash Breaker)
-Knock Off(Kills annoying Ghost like Gengars, and kills Psychic pokémons. No Item For you Son)
-Drain Punch(Stab, Regains Health from Life Orb Damage)
-Poison Jab( Kills Fairyes and Grass)
EVs : 251 Atk/251 Spe/4 SpD


Ability:Rough Skin
@Choice Band
-Earth Quake(Stab, Rapes)
-Outrage(Stab, another Rape)
-Iron Head(Fairy Assasin , flich :3)
-Rock Slide(Kills Flying Pokemons)
EVs: 251 Atk/251 Spe/ 4 HP


Ability:Natural Cure
@Life Orb
-Recover(Regains Health from Life Orb Damage)
-Scald(Stab, Burn Burn)
-Ice Beam(Kills Grass , and some Glisgors)
-Thunderbolt(Type Coverage)


Ability: Cursed Body
-Will-O-Wisp(Burn, Burn, Burn)
-Shadow Ball(Stab , Type Coverage)
-Water Spout(Stab, recover always help this guy)
-Recover(Water Spout gets Stronger and Never Dies :3)
EVs: 251 HP/251 SpD/4 SpA

For The Last One , i as think about Togekiss or WeeZing... help me to decide :S!

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I think you mean 252EVs and Mienfoo? Wynaut Mienshao?
Wow, that's a really nice team! There isn't too much room for improvement, but I would go with Togekiss for your last slot. Togekiss+Serene Grace+King's Rock+Air Slash= Deadly Troll
If you go with Mega_Aggron's suggestion of Togekiss, you can consider making Jellicent defensive and Bold, you really need a defensive pokemon in the team.

Weezing can go max hp/defense in case you are going that route instead of Togekiss though.
Well King Rock makes a move that dont have chance to flinch haves 10% of flinch , so Air Slash doenst change with King Rock. i think weezing would be a nice Defensive, maybe Tox to kill some bulky recover pokémons (like Quagsire). Thanks
Why 251Evs?
It's 252 i think

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