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Krak's kaysrut’yun katarats mijots’ov ßļİƗz oʄ Jûstĭče . Armenian lesson included :D

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Parilus, indeed, parilus. You will have a glossary at the end with each Armenian's word meaning. I am Armenian, for my part. There was the Armenian suicide someday, for it my elder migrated to Lebanon, and over generations, I was born in Lebanon with Armenian origin. As I master English, French and Arabic, that also gives me 4 languages at once! :D
I will let you try to guess the team's main point and type.

T'im shenk':

K'ayl sark'yer:

Halats Bot's (Heatran) @ Leftovers:
Trait: Flash Fire
EVs: 252 SDef / 252 HP / 4 Speed
Calm Nature

  • Lava Plume
  • Toxic
  • Protect
  • Earth Power

Heatran serves me as a main answer against other Mono-Fire, and it wrecks KoD's heatran. It has 4 Speed for breaking speed ties with other specially defensive Heatran, 2HKO them with Earth Power and do other shtuff, like toxic or burn stalling with the aid of Protect and Toxic or Lava Plume, respectively.

Mikro alik' (Heat-Rotom) @ Choice Specs:
Trait: Levitate
EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 Speed / 4 SDef
Timid Nature

  • Overheat
  • Thunder
  • Volt Switch
  • Trick

Heat-Rotom's role is special sweeping, and for this it has Choice Specs and maxed speed. A common strategy for special sweepers, my Rotom has Overheat as best STAB and it can leave a big dent, and push holes in my foe's team. Heat-Rotom doesn't have many weakness -just two: Water and Rock, but these are mitigated by electric-type moves and switching to resists, respectively. I always like the microwave form of Rotom. I has Thunder for getting a score against mono-water relying on Rain. Weather is less frequent, yet always as deadly. It just got nerfed a little bit. Volt Switch allows an emergency rescue and sometimes it can also score KO on weakened stuff. Trick is there mainly for stopping some of the best supporters doing their job by locking them on Toxic while walling them with Heatran, or stuff.

krak t’rrch’un (Talonflame) @ Sharp Beak:
Trait: Gale Wings
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Speed / 4 HP
Adamant Nature

  • Roost
  • Flare Blitz
  • Swords Dance
  • Brave Bird

Standard bread-and-butter Talonflame set. Swords Dance once, Brave Bird twice, Roost twice, Flare Blitz twice, Roost twice, Brave Bird twice, Roost twice...
Did I mention it had Gale Wing and Adamant ? That guarantees a Roost, a Brave Bird after a Swords Dance, and that helps mitigating Electric-weakness.

krak t’yevavor moghes (Mega-Charizard X) @ Charizardite X:
Trait: Though Claw
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Speed / 4 SAtk
Naive Nature

  • Fire Spin
  • Dragon Dance
  • Dragon Claw
  • Flare Blitz

This moveset doesn't have coverage, just STAB. But that's all it needs. Azumarill wrecks, but Rotom-H likes chatting with Azumarill. After a couple of Dragon Dance, Mega-Charizard X becomes unstoppable. Fire Spin traps opponents that are dangers or setup fodders, then sets up and sweep. That's why I use Fire Spin. You will find it stupid, anyway. But say I am against Bisharp: I trap it, and it swords dance. Then, it do any move and I Dragon Dance. It tries then Sucker Punch, but it realises the thing failed, and then it understood it was setup fodder. It tries escaping, it can't. Fire Spin holds it back. Then Charizard, after 6 turns of preparation against a setup fodder, will enjoy destroying its opponent's team.

krak kapkel (Infernape) @ Focus Sash:
Trait: Blaze
EVs: 252 Speed / 196 Atk / 54 SAtk
Hasty Nature

  • Overheat
  • Flare Blitz
  • Stealth Rock
  • Close Combat

The monkey's role is mixed sweeping, and it is boss at that. A combination of Overheat and Flare Blitz takes down SkarmBliss, Hippowdon and many other bulkymons. Close Combat is a secondary STAB when needed, and will find itself handy versus mono-rocks, among others,and finally, Stealth Rock's role is to be Stealth Rock -that means cheap damage.

arev astvats (Volcarona) @ Passho Berry:
Trait: Flame Body
EVs: 136 HP / 16 SpA / 248 SpD / 108 Spe
Modest Nature

  • Quiver Dance
  • Bug Buzz
  • Fire Blast
  • Giga Drain

Offensive Quiver Dance with a twist. It lures in Water-types and beat them with +2 or more Giga Drain. It can resist up to +1 Choice Scarf Keldeo using Hydro Pump when berry is intact and HP is not "Stealth Rocked". After a couple of Quiver Dance, I can beat almost anything, and thus not much is drawn in Special Attack or Speed. The real goal is to aim specially defensive and specially offensive as well.

Ants'yal barr:

Thanks for looking at it.

masnagitakan ​​terminabanakan barraran:

~ Krak's kaysrut’yun katarats mijots’ov ßļİƗz oʄ Jûstĭče = Fire Empire done by Blitz of Justice.
~ Parilus = Hello.
~ T'im Shenk = Teambuilding
~ K'ayl sark'yer = Movesets
~ Halats Bot's = Molten Flame
~ Mikro alik' = Microwave
~ Krak T’rrch’un = Fire Bird
~ Krak t’yevavor moghes = Fire Dragon
~ Krak Kapkel = Fire Ape
~ Arev Astvats = Sun God
~ Ants'yal barr = Last Word
~ Masnagitakan ​​Terminabanakan Barraran = Glossary

And that's it. Again, thanks for your time. Leave comments for rating please :D

~ Sincerely yours, Blitz of Justice.

asked Mar 9, 2014 by RecreativeReshiram
Rotom hates chatting to Azumarill because Aqua JEt :D?
I am talking about a switch.
I can't say if I'm joking or serious, but there should be  a torkoal for rapid spinning
these Language lessons has become really popular now. Nice team btw
Wow such rock weakness
^ Also a big Water problem, but you've got lots of tricks up your sleeve for dealing with threats. I really like it!
First, I considered Torkoal, but I don't know who to remove. Then, the rock weakness is probably not as important as the ground weakness, because Heatran and Infernape resists both rock (or are neutral, much better to say). For it, Infernape has Close Combat to deal against them. Now, Rock Polish Terrakion is a threat, but no teams are without their threat. As Volcarona and Talonflame are rock weak, I consider dropping Talon for Chandy or Darmanitan, but I am unsure.
The water weakness is present; however, Mega-Charizard X is neutral, and Rotom can retaliate super effectively. As of Volcarona, its role is to lure in water-type, set a Quiver Dance and proceed to a sweep.
As of language lessons, they are popular, yes :D
Dat SR weakness. I geuss that's what happens in Fire-Monotype, maybe try Moltres with Defog+Roost 3 attacks instead of something, Talonflame or Volcarona? You don't want another 4x Fire weakness. Maybe  use purely offensive Infernape and put SR on Heatran, CB Infernape with Close Combat would hit Rock Teams hard, or Choice Scarf.
Oh yeah, and Specs Magikarp with Hydro Pump murders this team. U need a counter to it.
Moltres is also SR weak. At best, I considered Defog > Roost for Talonflame, but I am unsure here as well. For the most, either Volcarona or Talonflame need to go. I beleive Talonflame is not really adapted to the team here. I prefer avoiding Defog because Competitive Milotic could wreck the team after a boost. There, I am limited to use Torkoal, except if there are other Fire-type spinners.

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Hey, Blitz! Been a while, hasn't it? Anyway, this is a good team. Personally, Fire is my second favorite type, after Bug. I'll see what I can do here! I know this is kinda old, but Irony care, and I'm always ecxited to get help on an old team. Makes it more satisfying, IMO.


First thing I see is two dual weaknesses to Rock. I know Infernape's Close Combat and all, but that can't deal with SR, can it? So a spinner is needed. Specifically, Torkoal. I'd replace Volcarona because a) it reduces Rock weaknesses, and b) Talonflame works better with the team as he reduces Ground weakness. The set should be the following:

EVs: 252 SAk/252 HP/4 ADd
Ability: White Smoke
Modest Nature

-Flamethrower/ Fire type move of choice, I know we have differing opinions
-Rapid Spin, clearly.
-Earth Power
-Sludge Bomb


Due to intense Ground weakness, Air Balloon may be considered. Also, STAB Flash Cannon is superior to Earth Power, as Torkoal now carries it.


Even to score against rain, Thunderbolt is the better option as it has more reliability.

Megazard X

Wow. I'm gonna hafta try this out for myself. Everything's fine here.

Infernape, Ultimate God of Awesome Mixed, Physical, and Special Sweeping and Blazing Fire Monkeys That Are Second to Only Lord Arceus

Like I need to say how I feel about Infernape. He is my mascot, after all. Keep on sweeping.


Whoops, skipped this guy. Anywho, make the item the Shell Bell so he can heal even more HP and only have to Roost every three turns.

There you go! Hope I helped!

-Bug Catcher Burn

answered May 16, 2014 by Alpha Burn
selected May 17, 2014 by RecreativeReshiram
half your reccomendations are good, half are bad. First of all, shell bell is terrible as if it really wants recover it will just use roost. Megazard should probably be rnning roost > dragon claw. Flash cannon doesn't really cover anything..... earth power is much better. most torkoal should be carrying something like lava plume/ rapid spin/ yawn/ something else
yeah, what tazzie said. keep earth power on heatran, give it 252 HP / 248 SDef / 8 Speed. every heatran with Earth Power will try to speedcreep other with 4 speed EVs. 8 Speed EVs outspeeds these + other pokemon with invested speed to outspeed the common 4 speed EVs.  
for torkoal:

Torkoal @ Leftovers
Ability: Shell Armor
248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SDef
Bold Nature
- Lava Plume
- Yawn / Toxic
- Stealth Rock
- Rapid Spin
248 HP to take minim damage from SR. rest is self-explained

I get that you want to use fire spin charizard, but I would still definitively recommend the normal set for coverage against Heatran, Azumarill etc. people can still attack you even though they are trapped, so it will still be hard to set up

Charizard @ Charizardite X
Ability: Blaze -->Though Claws
252 Atk / 252 Speed / 4 SDef
Jolly / Adamant Nature
-Flare Blitz
-Dragon Claw
-Dragon Dance
-Earthquake / Thunder Punch / Roost
Thanks for the effort ;)
I'll still take suggestions from Dr Dude and tazzie for Torkoal and Charizard. I am keeping Earth Power on Heatran because attacking Torkoal is very odd and not that useful.
Considering offensive Specs Heatran with Ancient Power, Fire Blast, Earth Power and Dragon Pulse. What do you think of it?
SpecsTran should carry Fire Blast, Flash Cannon, HP Ice, and Earth Power.
I would use Ancient Power to screw Talon. Flash Canon > Dragon Pulse?
Hey, Blitz, no prob. Yeah, Heatran should use FC .