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Team help please help.

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Hi i am new to this site i made an account about 6 months ago and forgot my password. I got back into pokemon a while ago and i need help . I don't know who I should add. All untrained just in the making . Going to use for a battle with my friend and wi fi

Porygon Z

Download and modest nature with life orb
special sweeper
Hyper beam
Ice beam


Synchronize and timid nature life Orb
special sweeper
Morning sun
Shadow ball

I will for sure have
mixed sweeper

Steadfast with naive nature and leftovers

Blaze kick
Aura sphere
Dragon pulse
Extreme speed

special sweeper and scout
Compound eyes and modest nature with focus sash

Volt switch
Energy ball buy buzz

Change movesets for anyone and say who is better espeon or porygon z ,and I won't tak out galvantula or lucario.

asked Dec 23, 2011 by Red Galvantula
edited Feb 24, 2012 by trachy

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