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How can I improve my mono-fire team?

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I am the Fire-type master. I want to know if I can have a better Mono-Fire team, without legendaries. I will not say movesets as for most of my Pokemon, you can probably find them somewhere on this site. Base your choices on moves able to learn, typing, stats, and to a lesser extent, opinion. By the way, if Charizard is not on your team, I will vote you down right on the spot. My mono-fire team is:

CHARIZARD: The most powerful of all Pokemon!!
Typhlosion: I am also keeping this guy.

asked Jul 26, 2010 by trachy
edited Jul 26, 2010 by trachy
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By the way, I've only done four moveset questions for today. That means I have one more before I reach my limit.
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2 Answers

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Good team, I would suggest houndoom because he has nasty plot, and powerful moves to use it with. ALso, your team is all out power (which is good for fire types) but if you want more walling, I'd go with torkoal, good defenses, powerful moves, good staller, has toxic, and has iron defense AND amnesia. plus a good ability.

answered Jul 26, 2010 by DarkTyphlosion
My Houndoom has Famethrower, Dark Pulse, Sunny Day, and Solarbeam.
Do you have an item called heat rock? it's perfect for fire teams! especially offensive ones. Plus, all out power is my style as well.
From one fire master to another. WE WILL CONQUER THE MOVE EARTHQUAKE,  WE DON'T FEAR IT!!
Already conquered the Ground and Rock types that use it with Solarbeam. Charizard always wins. Yes, I do have the Heat Rock, my Cherrim is holding one (because what is a Cherrim without Sunny Day.) I don't have very many because I find digging in the Underground very boring. By the way, I found my Pearl version! I now have another Combee!
Another suggestion if you really want to be a glass cannon is to use blaziken. If you can get past the lower speed, he has higher offensive stats.
He IS using Blaziken, though.
Needs MOAR blaziken. Just kidding, didn't see it.
Give me a B! B! Give me an L! L! give me the rest of the letters! A! Z! I! K! E! N! What does that spell? Caterpie!
By the way, did you skip charizards moveset on purpose? I see that his isn't there when I search it... The best for last of course.
I want a team of all Charizard's, but the typing wouldn't work. Maybe just Five Charizard's and my Typhlosion. Oh, I've put in my Charizard's moveset on multiple questions. I think Swampert's may have the same moveset as mine unless he changed it. Swampert, what level is your Charizard anyway?

Here's the link. My moveset is the same as the one suggested:

I mean a "what is a good moveset for____" question, there isn't one for charizard. and yes, A mono-fire team is nothing without typhlosion and charizard.
Which Charizard? My orinal or EV trained?
Ah. okay. I have 2 charizard, one at Level 100(original from leaf green), and my other at level 72, got him in heart gold.
Remember how you asked that question about whether you should get Bloaziken or Charizard (I have the link above?) that Charizard.
57. Basically unstoppable. Ive Been working on my Platinum recently tough so havent been training him much. But........ I have to go for the day. See you tomorrow!:)
Heatran is also good for defense and infernape and blaziken seem repetitive, both fire/fighting, so one of them can go.
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Same As DT except another suggestion for a wall is Macargo who I always found a good pokemon. It has many types not very effective(to make up for its 2 4x weaknesses). Macargo has better movvesets than Toarkoal while he can stil be a wall. Plus Macargo can Learn Recover and toxic, a great stalling combo. Also, add in their moves plz and get rd of the failure infernape for Toarkoal or Macargo.

answered Jul 26, 2010 by Swampert
edited Jul 26, 2010 by Swampert
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woah... This is ancient. I suggest Blaziken! lol
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I would probaly choose Rapidash because of it's speed (105) and attack (100) stats.

Where to find Rapidash

Silver    Route 28, Mt. Silver
Crystal    Route 28
LeafGreen    Kindle Road, Mt. Ember
SoulSilver    Route 28, Mt. Silver
White    Route 12