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My mixed tier team #1

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Alright finally made up my new team and this is one of my 2 possible teams that I might use. And I dont know how to do those animated sprites so if anyone can help me out with that

[email protected] glasses
Modest nature
-Shadow ball
-Sludge bomb
-Focus blast
His main role is to sp sweep. Most people dont prefer sludge bomb but it gets stab and has grass coverage so I think its good.

[email protected] glasses/choice scarf
Ability:Flash fire
Timid nature
-Fire blast
-Dark pulse
-Super fang
His main role also is to sp sweep but in a different way. He can wall break with super fang and then the rest to his stabs. Also no sunny day support for a solarbeam may seem off but the point is to predict a ground/water/rock pokemon switching in since they have stabs for super effective damage against houndoom. When you predict one of those types will switch in you use solarbeam to recharge first then attack again before getting hit since most rocks/waters/grounds are slower than my houndoom anyway. Not the best way of using it but he doesnt have any other good special moves anyway(Dont tell me hidden power because i really do not like that move and his hidden power is dark btw, which is uselss)

[email protected]
Careful nature
-Dragon dance
Okay so I made him a bit bulky instead of speedy since he is going to dragon dance anyway. I wanted him to survive at least a nonstab thunderbolt once. I like bounce because it has high paralysis chance and stab. So he is pretty much my special tank except for electric moves.

[email protected]
Ability:Solid rock
Evs:252 Hp/240Atk/16Def
Adamant Nature
-Rock wrecker
His role is to take physical hits and sweep. Im not using stone edge because rock wrecker is his signature move and i never give away signature moves to any pokemon. I'll just use this move on the opponents last pokemon or use it when there is no other choice.

[email protected] orb/black belt
Hasty Nature
-Close combat
-Flash Cannon
-Ice punch
He is the mixed attacker. Close combat for blissey although most steels have high defense. Flash cannon might seem unnecessary but I needed another stab move. Psychic for fighting types coverage and ice punch for ground coverage.

[email protected]
Impish/Careful Nature
-Toxic spikes
-Spider web
-Baton pass
-Agility/Night shade
He is my support. Yes he is a bug whose stats dont even exceed 400 but I still find him quite useful. Besides, hes an awesome gigantic spider:D
But anyway with those evs invested into defenses, he can take SOME hits. His role is to trap a pokemon, use agility or toxic or whatever and then baton pass to my rhyperior so he can start sweeping. And I can always replace night shade for agility if I dont find it useful.

Okay so each of my pokemon can support each other. Electric moves on gyarados=switch to rhyperior. Fire moves on Ariados,lucario=switch to houndoom. Fighting moves on houndoom,rhyperior,lucario=switch to gengar. Ground moves on houndoom,lucario,rhyperior=switch to gengar,gyarados. Pokemon using toxic=switch to lucario. Psychic moves on gengar,breloom,ariados=switch to houndoom.

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