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Any suggestions for this Neo Electric TCG Deck?

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Only card from the Neo series allowed, meaning Genesis, Discovery, Revelation, and Destiny. However, Energy from previous series as well as the Mysterious Fossil card are allowed.

Pokemon: 22

x4 Mareep (Destiny)-50 HP and an attack that doesn't damage itself makes this the best of the Mareeps. I'll still leave it to the bench though. Needed for evolution.
x2 Flaffy (Revelation)-A solid one for 20 and a three for 30 with a chance to do 10 damage to everything on my foe's bench makes this a pretty good Stage 1. Needed for evolution.
x2 Dark Flaffy (Destiny)-Solid attacks. A one for 10 that can stop my opponent from playing Trainers on their next turn and a two for 30 that stops Pokemon powers, which is very helpful considering Meganium, Typhlosion, and Feraligatr. Needed for evolution.
x1 Ampharos (Revelation)-Attract Current is great. One for 20 with up to three energies being attached to my Pokemon is amazing, even better than Team Rocket's Zapdos's Plasma attack. Gigavolt is also very powerful. Either it's a four for 60 or a four for 40 that paralyzes.
x1 Dark Ampharos (Destiny)-Does 10 damage when my foe attaches an energy to one of their Pokemon. This is a very nice way to weaken my foes. It also has a three for 50. If I have a DCE in addition to an Electric Energy, that means only one energy is discarded by Shock Bolt.
x2 Eevee (Discovery)-I can just have it on the bench, attach an Electric energy to it and have it evolve.
x2 Light Jolteon (Destiny)-Considering the ease with which Eevee evolves, this is a good card. Pulse Guard can be used to stall until I build up my Ampharos. Thunder Needle is also decent, doing up to 60 damage with three energy with a chance at paralysis.
x2 Chinchou (Revelation)-It has a possible one for 20 attack. Needed for evolution.
x1 Lanturn (Revelation)-While not the most powerful card, Submerge gives me a nice weapon to use against Fire types.
x2 Hoothoot (Genesis)-Fighting resistance helps out my Electric types. Needed for evolution.
x1 Noctowl (Genesis)-Usually I'll have it stay on the bench, using its RSA style ability to get rid of Trainers that can help out my foe. If I'm up against a Fighting type deck, out comes Noctowl with its Fighting resistance. It can handle Tyranitar (Destiny) quite well.
x2 Electabuzz (Genesis)-Gives me basic bulk. It has 70 HP and a three for 30 that avoids resistance.

Trainers: 15

x4 Mary (Genesis)-Card drawing that won't deck me.
x4 Gold Berry (Genesis)-Great healing card.
x4 Time Capsule (Genesis)-A nice card, as it gets back into my Deck Energy and Pokemon. These energies can then be retrieved by Ampharos's Attract Current. Helps me against Fighting decks, seeing as their Dark Tyranitar discards cards from my deck.
x2 Professor Elm (Genesis)-Card drawing.
x1 Rocket's Hideout (Revelation)-Boosts the HP of Dark Flaffy to 80 and Dark ampharos to 90. While this doesn't seem like enough to warrant the use of this card in my deck, it also removes Sprout Tower, which would otherwise make Noctowl useless as an attacker. The HP gain and the Stadium removal allows it to be in my deck.

Energy: 23

x18 Electric Energy-Needed.
x4 Double Colorless Energy (Base)-Great card for my team. It obviously helps out Hoothoot and Noctowl but it also charges up my Electric types. Electabuzz's Punch can be used with one DCE, Flaffy's Tail Shock can work with one DCE and one Electric Energy, Lanturn's Blinding Light works with one DCE and one Electric Energy, and Dark Ampharos's Shock Bolt works best with one DCE and one Electric Energy, as then only one energy is discarded, allowing it to be used again the next turn (if I have an Electric Energy in my hand of course).
x1 Recycle Energy (Genesis)-My Pokemon aren't very Electric intensive so this card is helpful. Mainly used for Retreat Cost.

This deck is fairly straight-foward. I try to get Ampharos and dark Ampharos out. While Dark Ampharos is on my bench doing 10 damage at a time, Ampharos is charging up my Pokemon and hitting the foe hard. I work well in the early, middle, and end game with this deck. The early game I have Electabuzz and Light Jolteon usually. If I have trouble getting in my Ampharos cards, Light Jolteon and Hoothoot/Noctowl can usually stall for long enough for me to get them out.

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Well, I'm NO expert, but I don't get why you keep asking these questions. YOUR DECKS ARE WELL PUT TOGETHER! They're great! All of 'em! Thats the best advice I can give you.
25% to record them somewhere besides my mind, 12.5% showing off, 12.5% helping others by showing good deck construction (I learned good deck construction from the work of other deck mechanics, people who help fix the decks of others), 25% hoping to get someone interested enough in TCG and getting them to the point where they can be bestowed the tital deck mechanic, and 25% hoping for someone to catch something I might have missed and having my decks be improved. And then 1% so you can't make a pie chart from this data.
Lol, maybe I WILL make a 101% Pie Chart! But I agree with you now.

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