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Any suggestions for this Giovanni TCG Deck?

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Only cards up to Neo 3.

Pokemon: 20

x3 Giovanni's Nidoran (M) (Gym)-Needed for evolution. Although it does get two solid one enrgy attacks, so I guess it is also good for use in the early game.
x1 Giovanni's Nidorino (Gym)-For evolution. 40 damage is okay though.
x2 Giovanni's Nidoking (Gym)-The big guns. 120 HP. No Pokemon of 50 HP or less can attack when I use Intimidate (take that you damn Mr. Mime and Haunter), plus can do a solid 70 damage. This is a Giovanni deck, so I needs me my Nidos.
x3 Giovanni's Nidoran (F) (Gym)-For evolution, although Thrust is decent early on.
x1 Giovanni's Nidorina (Gym)-For evolution. Has a solid 80 HP and Body Slam which can let it survive for a time.
x2 Giovanni's Nidoqueen (Gym)-A possible 100 damage for four energy with a Giovanni's Nidoking on the bench. Worth it.
x4 Scyther (Jungle)-One of the best cards in the game. Takes down Fighting types with ease.
x2 Scizor (Neo 2)-Halves the health of the foe. I still have no idea what its other attack is though. XD Yay for typos! (So I don't forget again, although in my defense it has been about ten years since I last was part of the TGC competitve enviroment, it is supposed to read times.)
x2 Skarmory (Neo 1)-Really solid bulk. Steel Wing gives it the chance of resisting 30 damage instead of the standard 10.

Trainers: 20

x4 Super Energy Removal (Base)-Me without SER... I can't imagine.
x1 Ecogym (Neo 1)-Keeps my Steel Energies safe from SER and ER.
x4 Item Finder (Base)-Gets me back my Trainers.
x3 Pokemon Breeder (Base)-For skipping past Nidorino/a and getting me to the King and Queen.
x2 Computer Search (Base)-Get me the card I need for whatever situation.
x1 Gambler (Fossil)-I'm feelin' lucky. Or maybe I'm against a Wildfire.
x2 Giovanni's Last Resort (Gym)-If I have a small (or no) hand, this card is great. Nidoking/queen with Metal Energy is bulky enough as is, but when I play this card to remove 90-110 damage, my opponent is going to be pissed.
x3 Super Energy Retrieval (Neo 1)-Gets me back energies discarded by Item Finder, SER, Computer Search, and GLR.

Energy: 20

x16 Grass Energy-Needed
x4 Metal Energy (Neo 1)-Needed for Scizor and Skarmory as well as providing bulk to my Pokemon. Think the Nidos and Scyther are hard to take down now? Scyther is pretty much immune to Fighting with this thing on.

Probably the deck I was most famous for back in the days (well, besides my Damage Swap deck).

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The Pokemon Breeder card allows my Pokemon to skip a stage in evolution. It lets me place a Stage 2 onto a Basic. This is very useful for this deck because I don't want Nidorino and Nidorina due to them being less than ideal Stage 1s. Pokemon Breeder is also a faster means of evolving. The only reason I even have Nidorino and Nidorina is that I have to be prepared against Lass and Rocket's Sneak Attack.
Woops, didn't read down enough.
Well, the deck looks great, but there is only one nidorina and one nidorino, but 2 nidoqueens and 2 nidokings. It mkes no sense.
@MegaGrievous: Read the above comments.

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