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Emerging Powers TCG Water Deck

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Only Cards From Emerging Powers are allowed, but energy, Item and Trainer cards from other versions are allowed.

3x Panpour- Needed for Evolution
2x Simipour- A solid 2 for 30 with healing. Also has a good 3 for 60 with a chance to swap energies around.
2x Basculin- I can get a 1 for 70 attack, then heal with the Gold Berry, or hit them hard with a 3 for 80.
3x Ducklett- Needed for Evolution
2x Swanna- A solid 2 for 30 which might prevent all effects of attacks next tun, along with a 3 for 70 attack.
3x Cubchoo- Needed for evolution
2x Beartic- Nice 130 HP, along side a solid 3 for 50 attack. Also has a 4 for 80 attack which Ignores resistance.

17 Pokemon

4x Gold Berry- Helps my Basculin Strategy
4x Max Potion- Healing, what else?
1x Dawn Stadium- Allows me to heal my pokemon in play when i attach energies
4x Night Maintenance- Helps me retrieve the lost energies from Swanna.
3x Pokemon Catcher- Just like Gust of Wind.
3x Potion- If I have less than 50 damage on my pokemon.
2x Venture Bomb- Might help with Basculin.
2x Buck's Training- Helps with damage.

23 Trainers

2 Scramble Energy- For Simipour
18 Water Energy

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