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Any suggestions for my Mewtwo EX decks?

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Okay, so heres my Mewtwo TCG deck. I know it’s awfully close to the deck I posted earlier, but I’ve put A LOT of effort into my strategy. Only cards HG&SS-B&W ND are allowed (basically only legit cards). And I’m still on my break, but I had to ask this. And thanks in advance! :D

Pokemon: 25

x1 Shaymin- (Unleashed)- Needed for Celebration Wind, though I highly doubt I’ll actually use it in battle.
x2 Mewtwo EX (Next Destinies)- My main attacker. This guy can take entire battles once you got enough energy on him, and with Gardevior in play, I only get there sooner.
x2 Beldum (Unleashed)- Needed for evolution.
x1 Metang (Unleashed)- Used for Energy Crane, it helps me attach energy to Mewtwo EX that has somehow ended up in the discard pile.
x4 Ralts (Next Destinies)- Needed for evolution.
x3 Kirlia (Next Destinies)- Needed for evolution.
x2 Gardevior (Next Destinies)- Psychic Mirage is just a plain awesome ability and for every psychic energy attached to my pokemon, Mewtwo EX in specific, gets double energy.
x3 Solosis (Black and White)- Needed for evolution.
x2 Duosion (1 Black and White, 1 Noble Victories)- Needed for evolution.
x3 Reniclus (Black and White)- Damage Swap moves my damage counters off of Mewtwo EX and onto my Zekrom.
x2 Zekrom FullArt (Black and White)- Basically a storage container, I call him. It holds my damage counters until I can get rid of them. Great back-up.

Trainers, Supporters, and Stadiums:20

x2 Super Rod- Used to get Mewtwo EX and psychic energies out of the discard pile.
x2 Great Ball- Used to put my great cards on top of my deck.
x2 Max Potion- Used to remove all damage counters from Zekrom FA.
x2 Rare Candy- Used to get Solosis to Reniculs and Ralts to Gardevior faster.
x2 Pokemon Communications-Used to exchange Pokemon from my hard from one in the deck.
x2 Pokemon Catcher- I love this card. It’s used to knock out my opponents weaker pokemon they’re trying to build-up.
x2 Pokemon Collectors- Obviously used to put pokemon on my bench. I will usually go with these three :Mewtwo EX (defiantly every time)-Ralts/Beldum/Ralts/Shaymin (one of these)-Zekrom FA.
x2 Cilan-Used to get energy from the deck and attach it to Mewtwo EX throughout the next couple turns.
x2 Prof. Oak- New hands are almost always welcome.
x2 Twins-When I’m falling behind, I would hope to come across one of these. Used to get 2 of any cards from the deck.

Energies: 15

x13 Psychic-Needed. I’d hope to add more.
x2 Double Colorless- Good for quick-uses. Also helpful if I need to use Zekrom FA.

asked Mar 13, 2012 by Rio
retagged Jun 10, 2012
Do you have all these cards?
No you can't.
Sure you can. Just play your cards right, have a solid deck and strategy, and carry your Chansey coin. Damage Swap went undefeated with those things. Rio seems to be battling on the local level, which means she has a good chance of complete domination. Once you get higher up you start encountering some competition, but local battles are easy as... well, you can fill in the rest.
as s***.
I was thinking about TCGO.
Thanks again Trachy! I really appreciate it.
And yes I have all these cards.
And I'm also a local player, but my hopes is to become a really good player, and become a Deck Mechanic, and get to worlds. But right now, if I beat the snob at the local tourney place, thats good enough, for now... XD And yes, local battles are more-or-less easy with a good deck. Thanks again!

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