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Any suggestions for this Emerald Colorless TCG Deck?

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Only cards from EX Emerald, EX Unseen Forces, EX Delta Species, and EX Legend Maker are allowed. However, Energy cards from previous sets are also allowed.

Pokemon: 19

x2 Trapinch (LM)-Needed for evolution.
x2 Vibrava (LM)-Resistance to Electric and Fighting is great and a two for 40 with a React Energy is nice. Needed for evolution.
x1 Flygon ex (LM)-150 HP and resistance to both Electric and Fighting is really great. Emerge Charge is a nice way to get Flygon ready for attacking right away, especially as I can get any energy, even React and Double Colorless. Reactive Blast is great. It can be a two for 40, which alone is nice, but I can discard any number of React ENergy and do 30 more damage for each one discarded. So it has the potential of doing 160 damage! Dragon Claw is a less powerful attack and more costly in terms of Energy required to just use the attack, but it doesn't require any Energy to be discarded and it still does a good amount of damage for five energy, 100 damage.
x4 Skitty (LM)-Gets me React Energy. Needed for evolution.
x3 Delcatty (LM)-Energy Link is a great one for 20 attack. It gets me Energy. I can get a DCE and completely charge up Delcatty for Tail Whap. Or even better I can get a React ENergy and then use Reactive Shift to move it back to Flygon. This means that Flygon has an infinite source of React Energy for use with Reactive Blast.
x2 Teddiursa (UF)-Needed for evolution.
x1 Ursaring (UF)-A solid Pokemon. If I get it up early I can really cause trouble for my opponent as their Basics won't be able to attack or use Poke-Powers thanks to Intimidating Ring. This can be incredibly useful when up against some of the more powerful Basics, especially ex Basics. Drag Off is also solid. It is a two for 20, meaning one DCE can charge it up. It then has a nice Gust of Wind effect. Rock Smash is decent, being able to do 60 damage for three energy.
x3 Miltank (UF)-A 60 HP basic. Thick Fat is great when up against a Water or Fire deck. Healing Milk is great, being able to heal off four damage counters. Body Slam is solid, a two for 20 that can paralyze. Miltank is a pretty bulky Basic and can give me a nice advantage at the start of the game or even mid-game against a Fire or Water deck.
x1 Spinda (LM)-A 60 HP Basic. Being able to not take any damage is really nice. And Whimsy Draw is a Mary's Impulse in a move, which is just great.

Trainers: 17

x4 PokeNav (Emerald)-Gets me a card and lets me control what I draw.
x4 Sitrus Berry (UF)-Healing.
x4 Potion (UF)-Healing.
x2 Fieldworker (LM)-Drawing.
x2 Holon Lass (DS)-To get me Energy. The card discarded can be an energy, either recovered by Delcatty or by Flygon.
x1 Professor Birch (Emerald)-Drawing.

Energy: 24

x5 Electric Energy-Needed for Flygon.
x5 Grass Energy-Needed for Flygon.
x4 Double Colorless Energy (Base)-Two Energy.
x4 React Energy (Legend Maker)-For use with Flygon.
x3 Heal Energy (Deoxys)-Energy that heals and removes Special Conditions.
x2 Recycle Energy (Neo Genesis)-Infinite Energy, mainly for use with retreating.
x1 Holon Energy GL (Delta Species)-Attached to a Pokemon with both Electric and Grass Energy, such as Flygon, this makes the card unaffected by Special Conditions and it reduces damage done to it by ex cards by 10.

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