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Any suggestions for this Delta Species Grass TCG Deck?

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Only cards from EX Holon Phantoms, EX Crystal Guardians, EX Dragon Frontiers, and EX Power Keepers are allowed. However, Energy cards from previous sets are also allowed.

Pokemon: 17

x3 Bulbasaur (Vine Whip) (CG)-Needed for evolution.
x2 Ivysaur (Sharp Leaf) (CG)-Sharp Leaf can do 60 damage for three energy. Needed for evolution.
x1 Venusaur (CG)-First off, 110 HP. Then, an awesome ability in Chlorophyll, which makes my Colorless energies provide Grass Energy. This is awesome as I get the special effects of my Special Energy yet they provide Grass Energy. Green Blast works great with this. For two Energy I can end up doing 300 damage if I have all my Energy out in play. Even without all my energy out this attack can still do a ton of damage. Toxic Sleep is decent, putting the foe to sleep and then giving them bad poison. The key card of this deck.
x4 Gulpin (CG)-Needed for evolution.
x3 Swalot (CG)-Pick and Choose is a nice attack, Burning/Poisoning and Sleepifying/Confusing my foe. This works great along with Reactive Poison, which is a three for 50 that does 20 more damage for each Special Condition on the Defending Pokemon. So with Pick and Choose that can end up being 130 damage, which combined with damage from Burn and Poison takes out even the foes with the highest HP.
x3 Snorlax (DF)-For in case I don't get Venusaur out, Snorlax can come in and do stuff without Energy, all while being an 80 HP basic. It heals off two damage counters, then puts two damage counters on the foe, all for no energy. This is a helpful way to pass the time while I get VENUSAUR out.
x1 Celebi ☆ (CG)-A 60 HP basic. Time Travel is nice to deny my opponent a prize. Leaf Shade works well with DCE, it puts one damage counter for each energy on Celebi on any one Pokemon, which is nice to get by abilities and also take down benched Pokemon.

Trainers: 20

x4 Celio's Network (CG)-Gets me a Basic or more importantly an evolution.
x4 Switch (DF)-Mainly to get my Snorlax out of there, as they don't usually have any energy. Also to get Venusaur out of there without using up three energy.
x4 Great Ball (PK)-Gets me basics, especially Snorlax and Celebi.
x4 Steven's Advice (PK)-Drawing.
x2 Mr. Stone's Project (HP)-Gets me Energy, either from my deck or my discard pile.
x1 PokeNav (CG)-Gets me a card and lets me control what I draw.

Energy: 24

x10 Grass Energy-Somewhat needed for if I have trouble getting Venusaur.
x4 Double Colorless Energy (Base)-Two energy.
x4 Recycle Energy (Neo Genesis)-Infinite Energy. Mainly for use with retreating.
x4 Heal Energy (Deoxys)-Heals my Pokemon and removes Special Conditions.
x2 Holon Energy GL (Dragon Frontiers)-Provides me an energy while also making it so my Pokemon can't be affected by Special Conditions.

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