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Any suggestions for this Platinum Colorless TCG Deck?

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Only cards from Rising Rivals, Supreme Victors, Arceus, and HeartGold SoulSilver are allowed. However, Energy cards from previous sets are also allowed.

Pokemon: 23

x4 Bagon (Lv. 18) (Arceus)-A 60 HP basic. Needed for evolution.
x3 Shelgon (Arceus)-Has a three for 60 attack if it has a Water and a Fire energy attached to it. Needed for evolution.
x2 Salamence (Arceus)-140 HP and Fighting resistance. Shoot Through is a three for 50 that does 20 damage to a benched Pokemon.
x1 Salamence Lv. X (Arceus)-Adds 20 HP to Salamence. Steam Blast is a nice four for 100 attack. Double Fall is great, as on the turn this card is played any Pokemon Salamence KO yield two prizes. If I play it at the right moment, I can use Shoot Through and get four prizes.
x3 Rattata (Arceus)-It can do 30 damage for one energy and it does have no retreat cost but 30 HP means it will stay in my hand until I get Raticate and can evolve it quickly.
x2 Raticate (Arceus)-Recruit is a decent one energy attack that has me discard a Supporter in my opponent's hand and then use the effect of that Supporter. Extend Fang is a great one for 20 that becomes a one for 60 if Raticate has a Pokemon Tool attached to it. Also has no retreat cost.
x3 Kecleon (RR)-A 70 HP basic that is able to hit for all weaknesses. Triple Smash can do 70 damage for three energy, which is even more powerful when you take into account the boost from hitting for weakness.
x3 Fan Rotom (RR)-A 70 HP basic with Normal resistance and no retreat cost that hits for Electric weakness. Spin Storm can return the Defending Pokemon to my opponent's hand. This can be nice to stall when they have a powerful Stage 2 out. It can also win the game if my foe has no benched Pokemon. Air Slash is a three for 60.
x2 Snorlax (Lv. 40) (RR)-A 100 HP basic. Heavy Press is a four for 40 that either does 40 more damage or puts Snorlax to sleep. If Snorlax is asleep, the Defending Pokemon becomes unable to retreat and Toss and Turn becomes a two for 50 (yes it is able to attack while Asleep). Since Snorlax is asleep, it can't be paralyzed or confused.

Trainers: 17

x4 Moomoo Milk (HGSS)-Healing.
x2 Pokemon Reversal (HGSS)-A Gust of Wind.
x2 Professor Elm's Training Method (HGSS)-Gets me evolutions.
x2 Professor Oak's New Theory (HGSS)-Drawing.
x2 Switch (HGSS)-To retreat my Pokemon.
x2 Lucky Egg (Arceus)-Drawing and for use with Raticate.
x2 Pokemon Collector (HGSS)-Gets me basics.
x1 Palmer's Contribution (SV)-Gets Energy and Pokemon back into my deck.

Energy: 20

x5 Fire Energy-Needed for Salamence.
x5 Water Energy-Needed for Salamence.
x4 Double Colorless Energy (HeartGold SoulSilver)-Two energy.
x4 Recycle Energy (Neo Genesis)-Infinite energy. Useful for retreating and for with Salamence and Rotom.
x2 Heal Energy (Deoxys)-Energy that heals and removes Special Conditions.

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