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Any suggestion on this wifi team?

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This team I am currently using over the battle subway wifi and random match up. Right now I am 9,1 over this team.

~Garchomp (Scope Lens)
•Jolly Nature (Atk 358, Speed 332)
•Sand Veil
•Dragon Claw, EQ, Brick Break, Swords Dance

~Magmortar (Fire Gem)
•Adamant (Atk 272, SpAtk 252)
•Flame Body
•Flamethrower, ThunderPunch, EQ, Toxic

~Ferrothorn (leftovers)
•Lax Nature (Defense 350, SpD 250)
•Iron Barbs
•Power Whip, Leech Seed, Spikes, Gyro Ball

asked May 3, 2012 by DemonKiller

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