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HG team help!

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Well, I made it through Kanto, and I'm getting set towards Mt. Silver to face Red. So, I'll definitely need some extra training and moveset change. Can you help me?

Meganium Lv.58
-Petal Dance
-Body Slam
-Light Screen

Crobat Lv. 54
-Cross Poison
-Mean Look

Herracross Lv.55
-Close Combat
-Night Slash
-Rock Slide

Vaporeon Lv.55
-Shadow Ball

Arcanine Lv.54
-Thunder Fang
-Rock Climb

Donphan Lv.59
-Thunder Fang
-Iron Tail

As you see, my team lacks movesets, but I'm pretty limited to the moves since I don't have very good TMs. Although I've been defeating trainers easily, I don't think that I'll be able to defeat Red, so I'll need some tips to battle him too.

asked Feb 11, 2011 by NJDevil
His 1st pokemon is pickachu so you will want to get donphan out first

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Heres what you want to do, first off, you want to know Red's pokemon.

Pokemon Trainer Red $16800
Pikachu         Lv. 88

1,545 EXP
Lapras / Lv. 80
3,753 EXP
Snorlax Lv. 82
2,706 EXP
Venusaur / Lv. 84
3,744 EXP
Charizard / Lv. 84
3,762 EXP
Blastoise Lv. 84
3,780 EXP

Now you want to counter all of them.
He starts with pikachu, so donphan will be of good use.
But you probally will want to level him up about 20 more levels. and You might want to ( this has nothing to do with beating red ) replace rollout with stone edge.
Well, thats his strongest pokemon down. or atleast his highest level pokemon.

Lapras: lv 80
Body Slam

Lapras is the lowest level of the team, but a pain in the butt. You're going to need a pokemon with high sp. def.
If you want to try to buff up you're arcanine then so be it.
Lapras is just... a pain in the butt. keep in mind pikachu is the only pokemon that you know when he's going to throw it out. the other pokemon come in a random order.

Shadow Ball
Giga Impact

Well, get ready to die.
Your main chance agaisn't this thing is to find a focus sash, put it on your heracross, and murder.
thats all I can say, if you don't have a fighting type. You're as good as dead agaisn't this thing.

Venasaur: lv 84
Giga Drain
Sleep Powder
Sludge Bomb
Frenzy Plant

Take out your arcanine.
Thats all I can say here.
Make sure to level up your pokemon still and on to...

Charizard: Lv. 84
Flare Blitz
Blast Burn
Dragon Pulse
Air Slash

Take vaporeon out. Make sure you move del. that whirlpool.
you can replace it with something else, like aqua ring ( don't judge me because I can't remember if vaporeon can learn it ) and just surf the crap out of his charizard. Its all ATK and SP ATK. It goes for the kill, quick claw on vaporeon might be good.

Blastoise: lv 84
Focus Blast
Flash Cannon
Hydro cannon

Blastoise is a defender, with total offensive moveset.
meganium, with light screen.
After that you might be able to sneak in arcanine for a thunder fang. Or petal dance with meganium.

Hope this helps :D

answered Feb 11, 2011 by Josh