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Is my current team good?

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Ok I did some trading and now I have: Gengar, Mismagius Giratina, Aggron Electrivire, and Magmortar. tell me if this team is good and I would also like some movesets please. Any tips?

asked Sep 9, 2010 by Amaterasu

3 Answers

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Too Many Ghost Types. A Fast Ghost Type would Take out Half Of Your Team. And If The Ghost Type Knew Earthquake, with Decent Attack, That wuld take out the other half of your team.

EDIT: For Movesets, Go Up To The Top Right Of This Page. Type In The Pokemon You Want A Moveset for in The Space. It Will Come Up As "What Is A Good Moveset for ______.

answered Sep 9, 2010 by Swampert
Ok so which ghost has to go?
Mismagius, its handy, and tricky, but Gengar is 90% better stat-wise
Dump mismagius
Two Of Them, At Least, All Of Them, if possible. Keep Gengar Alone. Also I Would Add A Grass Type, and and A Water Type.
Sorry but Giratina aint goin nowhere so I guess gengar and mismagius gotta go. wait nevermindd I'll have them make  me some eggs
Eggs don't work, you cant breed legendaries.
I was talking about gengar (female) and Mismagius (male)
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Well then, Giratina should be going, seeing how this is an OverUsed team. Either that, or a doomed Uber team. Gengar should stay, but Mismagius should go. I would replace Aggron with either Tyranitar or Metagross. Magmortar is fine. However, Arcanine or Typhlosion are better in my opinion. You need a good grass type, and I suggest Breloom. Youalso need a Water type, and I would choose Starmie. Also, Dragonite will round off this team. For movesets, do as Swampert said.

Team: Dragonite/Metagross/Tyranitar, Gengar, Breloom, Starmie, Electivire, Magmortar/Typhlosion/Arcanine

answered Sep 9, 2010 by trachy
Aw man but my Giratina is so beast!
Well, it won't be of any use on this team in competitive battles.
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Wow that be alot of ghost type.
try to mix it up a lilttle.
here be some good pokemon.
espeon- this pokemon has super strong speacil attacks and high special defense perfect for quickly getting threw wild pokemon battles with a lower lv on exp share(evan better if its lv. 100 cause the lower lv gets more exp) works great in a double team battle with umbreon.
moves; phychic, psybeam, confuse ray, and hyper beam(for thow who are phychic proof)
umbreon- this strong lilttle guy can stand blow after blow perfect for sending out to heal a injured pokemon in single battle. his attack are not veary storng so it works best in a double team with espeon, that way its turn can be used to heal espeon so she can keep pounding the other pokemon. plus thow tuff phychic pokemon cnt hurt a dark type like umbreon. moveset; shadowball, feint attack, toxic(heard that was a good move gonna teach it to my umbreon) and moonlight(healing move,so you can save your iteams for other pokemon) works goood in a double team with espeon
any starter- starter are just plain out string I heard all kinds of stories from my friends about beating the entire leuge with there starter(make sure you pick a type thats not allready in your team.
A flying type- everyone suffers that horrible moment when for some reason they need to get to a town fast and down have a pokemon with the ablity fly, weather your pokemon need hp and you have no healing iteams or you gonna trade or battle a friend. plus if its a bird-like pokemon it cnt be hurt by annoyinh attcks like dig.
one ghost type- ghost type are awsome because they cnt be hurt by physical attacks
a water or ice type- either is good they bgoth can use attacks from each ice and water

hope this is hlpful I know most of this from battleing these types with my umbreon and espeon so all thank are to them ;3

answered Sep 19, 2010 by Suicune1413