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Mono-Dark team suggestions?

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Hydriegon (M) @ Dread Plate
Role: Special Sweeper
Trait: Levitate
Rash Nature
Draco Meteor
Dark Pulse
Stone Edge

Mandibuzz (F) @ Sharp Beak
Role: Staller
Trait: Overcoat
Timid Nature

Tyranitar (M) @ Hard Stone
Role: Tank
Trait: Sand Stream
Brave Nature
Stone Edge
Dark Pulse
Giga Impact

Krookodile (M) @ Leftovers
Role: Physical Sweeper
Trait: Moxie
Jolly Nature
Thunder Fang
Stone Edge

Drapion (M) @ Rocky Helmet
Role: Sweeper/Phazer
Trait: Sniper
Mild Nature
Ice Fang
Night Slash
Dragon Tail
Toxic Spikes

Crawdaunt (M) @ Mystic Water
Role: Tank
Trait: Shell Armor
Brave Nature
Water Pulse
Night Slash

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Fly? The opponent gets a free turn or gets a free switch...
Tanks aren't sweepers... Tanks are pokemon that can absorb hits, like walls, but can hit back hard.
1). Make Tyranitar your lead. And replace Gaga Impact with something else.  
2). Guillotine isn't a good idea, theres not a very good chance that it will hit.
3). You're missing your EVs- EVs are very crucial.
Rio, I believe this has been commented towards you several times.
EVs are replaceable by roles according to the rules.
Right. Got that now. ;P

1 Answer

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Hydreigon is great but get rid of Draco meteor because it ruins your sweep. Give it tri attack and you can cut down a stat and give them a status condition.

For mandibuzz you should get rid of fly for acrobatics and give him a flying gem.

For tyranitar get rid of giga impact for earth quake. You can do more damage.

For krookidile you need to get rid of thunder fang for outrage which will do much more damage.

Drapion is good so keep it.

For Crawdant get rid of gullitine, it will never hit. Replace it with superpower.

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