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Are these a good movesets?

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Item: Mistycal Water
WaterFall - STAB
Hidro Pump - STAB
Sheer Cold - OHKO in emergencies and for coverage
Body Slam - STAB

Item: NeverMeltIce
Earthquake - Cover
Ice Shard - STAB and priority
Icy Wind - STAB
Rock Climb - STAB

asked Dec 29, 2010 by KillerClaw
STAB is Same Type Attack Bonus, so Body Slam isn't STAB for Kyogre and Rock Climb isn't STAB for Mamoswine.

3 Answers

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Too many water moves on Kyogre. I would either give him surf or Water spout. Both are great for his monstrous special attack. Thanks to his special ability, drizzle, his water moves get powered up.

Water spout/Surf-STAB, gets powered by drizzle

Thunder-Has 100% percent accuract thanks to his ability

Ice beam-Covers dragon type pokemon, very common in Uber tier.

Calm mind-powers up his special stats, after this you can sweep through anything.

I would switch out icy wind since too many ice moves are bad. no need for all that STAB...I would pick:


Ice Shard/Blizzard-STAB, priority. blizzard is powerful, but should only be used with Hail.

Stone Edge.--good power, deals with several threats.

Stealth Rock/Endeavor/Hail-Endeavor is good for when he is low on power, Stealth rock deals with fire types and helps him sweep. Hail works with his abiity to increase evasion, and can increase the accuracy of blizzard, making a deadly move. But If you are also using Kyogre, it wouldn't make much sense to have two weather moves.

answered Dec 29, 2010 by DarkTyphlosion
edited Dec 29, 2010 by DarkTyphlosion
3 votes

Some helpful hints:
- Sheer Cold is pretty much useless. In an "emergency" you want something that has a good chance of actually hitting, like Explosion or something.
- Kyogre has much better Sp.Atk than Attack so you're better using Special moves, particularly for STAB, like either Hydro Pump (for power) or Surf (for reliability).
- Body Slam is Normal type, so no STAB for you.
- Ice Beam and Thunder are great ones to use.
- Earthquake is physical but has good coverage.
- See http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/6153/what-is-a-good-moveset-for-kyogre for more ideas.

answered Dec 29, 2010 by Pokemaster
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Eh, since Kyogre has such a high Special Attack and Defence, it'd make more sense to give it more special moves for Kyogre:

Leave Hydro Pump, Thats fine. STAB.
Try using:
• Hydro Pump: STAB, okay accuracy, more power with Kyogre's Drizzle.
• Thunder: High power, 100% accuracy because of rain
• Water Spout: High power, STAB, in double battles, can hit two enemies
• Ice Beam: more type coverage

I can simply say Thunder, DEFENITELY.
High damage, good coverage, and 100% accuracy from Kyogre's Drizzle.

answered Dec 30, 2010 by Sam Sam Sam Sam
edited Dec 30, 2010 by Sam Sam Sam Sam