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UU team suggestions?

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My 1st tier team (Yay!)

@Muscle Band Physical tank
Sheer Force
Ice Punch
Super Power
(I changed my mind about where I want this guy before I finished this, and I don't know what to do since the picture is there. I want Jolteon as my lead to set up rain.)

SpeedFreak @Choice Band Physical Sweeper
Blaze Kick
Close Combat
Shadow Claw

@Leftovers Wall
Suction Cups
Stone Edge

Hax! @Leftovers (Heal while haxing opponent)
Serene Grace (Hax)
Air Slash
Light Screen (Better 1 than none.)
Aura Sphere

Note that this is actually my lead.
@Life Orb Rain Sweeper
Volt Absorb
Rain Dance
Volt Switch (go to da Gator after setting up rain)
HP Water

@ Life Orb
Magic Guard
Flash Cannon
Ice Beam
Hypnosis (If this misses, I'll start attacking.)

asked Oct 21, 2011 by [MEGA]StellarLucario
You forgot EVs
Do I need EV's? If pokemaster changed the rules then I didn't realize that. I don't train for specific EV's. I do realize, however, that I forgot Togekiss' and Sigilyph's role. Sigilyph is a special sweeper and Togekiss is a haxor, if that's acceptable.

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Jolteon: I like it, but how about replacing HP Water for Light Screen because you can always Volt Switch in Feraligatr if things get bad. If you're faced with a Ground Type, Sigilyph is also a good alternative.

Feraligatr: Switch items with Lucario to go with Sheer Force, and maybe Brick Break instead of Superpower if it gets boosted, I don't know if it does.

Sigilyph: Replace Flash Cannon with Charge Beam for BoltBeam Combo. Not sure about Hypnosis' accuracy, if it misses you've wasted a turn. Might want Energy Ball for coverage instead. I'm liking it!

Togekiss: Maybe Tri Attack instead of Light Screen for Serene Grace.

Cradily: Perfect. Too bad you don't have room for Protect, but it's okay.

Lucario: Switch the items, and maybe get one of the anti - flinch abilities instead. He's 4X resistant to Dark, so he won't be hit unless you switch in on one targeted at Sigilyph.

answered Oct 21, 2011 by XtremeKiller
Response to regular lucario:

Oops I did mean brick break at first, but now i'm considering EQ for the gator.

Togekiss can learn Tri Attack!? Sweet.

Sigilyph had Flash Cannon because the two types it covered were weaknesses.

That was exactly the plan intended for Luc's ability, nice guessing!

Jolteon: Will do, thanks!

I think I'll stick w/ lucario and Gator's intended items.