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Is this a good wifi team?

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Mild nature
Alert to sounds
Moveset:Toxic spikes, Giga Impact, Crunch, Shadow ball

Machamp- Ph.Sweeper
Hasty nature
Often scatters things
Moveset: Mega kick, Fire blast, Stone Edge, Secret Power

Relaxed nature
Likes to run
Moveset:Double-Edge, Toxic, Psychic, Surf

Lonely nature
Scatters things often
Moveset:ThunderBolt, Light Screen, Healing Wish, Attract

Serious Nature
Scatters things often
Moveset:Leaf Blade, PoisonPowder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder

Quirky Nature
Very Finicky
Moveset:Air Slash, ExtremeSpeed, Giga impact, Aura Sphere

If anything needs to be perfected please let me know. ;)

asked Aug 16, 2012 by TetoMaru

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