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How can I improve my battle subway super singles team (highest streak only 27!)

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Hello, this is my team:

Infernape (F) Blaze (Fighting Gem)
126 Atk 126 SAtk 252 Spd 4 SDef (Naive)
Close Combat
Fake Out
Thunder Punch

Dragonite (F) Multiscale (Lum Berry)
4 Hp 252 Atk 252 Spd (Adamant)
Extreme Speed
Fire Punch
Dragon Dance

Scizor (M) Technician (Choice Scarf)
252 Atk 252 Spd 4 SDef (Jolly)
Iron Head
Brick Break
Aerial Ace

The idea is that Infernape takes out any immediate concerns for Dragonite, who can come in and set up for a sweep after. Scizor is meant to revenge kill. But it isn't playing out the way I'd like! I don't know if my prediction is terrible or whether the team is flawed. I guess I should point out that they all have perfect Atk and/or SAtk and Speed ivs, and other ivs are all 25+ (I don't remember exactly, I trained these end of last year, Dnite has perfect hp iv though).

I'm perfectly happy to retrain and/or substitute members, but I don't have access to my previous gen games anymore, and I don't have any legendaries worth using (or allowed).
Any help would be great!


asked Aug 19, 2012 by nangirl
Maybe it is the case you don't have any stat-changing Move or a Move that causes status problems. Try adding accuracy-related Moves, such as Double team (which is a TM and most Pokémon can learn) and as for status-changing ones, try Thunder wave or Toxic (which are the most commonly used ones).
I've got a Dragonite too, I don't like it much but I use the following Movepool: Thunder wave, Aerial ace, Waterfall, Dragon claw (just saying).
I hope I've helped.

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Ok, I see a few problems.

First of all, I think Infernape would benefit more from a Life Orb, and if you want you can also switch Fake Out for Stone Edge/Earthquake.

Second, switch Extreme Speed for Earthquake on Dragonite. Put Leftovers on it too.

Finally, the biggest problem on your team is Scizor. Only Aerial Ace is benefitting from Technician. Also, you shouldn't invest EV's in Speed, as Scizor is very slow, and will only be able to outrun very few opponents even with the Speed investment. Plus, you are going to have a priority move too. The new moveset should be:

Scizor (M) @ Choice Band
Ability- Technician
Nature- Adamant
EV's- 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SpD

  • Bullet Punch (STAB, Priority, and gets Technician boost)
  • U-Turn (STAB, nice power and free switch-in)
  • Superpower (Good power, covers many types)
  • Quick Attack/Aerial Ace (Both get Technician boost, either accuracy and priority)

Other than these issues, very good team! :)

answered Jan 25, 2013 by AwesomeDarmanitan