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Gender: Male
Country: England
Favorite Pokémon: Snover, Bulbasaur, Tangrowth, Infernape, Shaymin, Shinx
Friend Codes: Coming soon
About me: Finally got Sapphire 20/03/15

Just about to enter sky pillar.
  Fish lv60(Swampert)
  Ludicobro lv60 (male Ludicolo)
  Prima lv57 (female Gardevoir)
  Buu lv56 (Hariyama)
  Feilong lv62 (Altaria)
  Blakiken lv57 (received lv1 Torchick from wonder trade)

Not gonna lie, the ORAS Pokemon League was stupidly easy. My Pokemon were levels below the E4 and champions and I still had no problems beating the league. Maybe used a single revive and 2 hyper potions. I remember the B/W league and D/P league being far more challenging.

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The name's Blob.
James Blob.

Epic xD
15 hours ago by ~Infinity
I do IV breeding. I tried SRing for a 4IV Cresselia and it was torture. I plan on just trading for Legendaries with perfect IVs.
Mar 22 by Astronautical
I mostly do team testing on Showdown, but I've bred a (albeit terrible) VGC teams in-game. At the moment I'm breeding the final Pokémon for my Bro Squad. EV training begins tomorrow, and Battle Spot testing hopefully the same day. I'm entering a competition on the 29th.
Mar 21 by Astronautical
Phwew, thanks for noticing that. I wouldn't want to do EoS an injustice.
Mar 17 by Astronautical
I'll cal you BloyoBro now B)
Mar 7 by Astronautical
Heh, thanks for the suggestion. Hve you ever heard of too much of a good Bro? Well, that doesn't apply to Bros. The more Bro the better, Thanks, Bro.
Mar 7 by Astronautical
Hey Blob
Mar 6 by Silverdragon :D
Welcome back!
Mar 6 by Poke'slash
Well you are a sight for sore eyes! Welcome back!
Mar 6 by [MEGA]StellarLucario
I just upvoted one of your random answers so your Score can be 13,370 lol
Mar 6 by Pahff