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About me: OK sup :)
First of all, to all my friends that have endured my stupidity as a middle schooler, I am sorry. Looking back at my comments I can't believe I was such an idiot and so immature :], but I think I can say that I wasn't as foolish as I was before so yeah, enjoy the new me, I still luv all you guys :D.

Well the year is 2014 and I'm a freshman(ewww...) in high-school. I'm learning to get used to it but since grades ACTUALLY matter now, I'm twice as busy as usual, so I don't have much time for this website. That might change is I get back into Competitive battling and when OR and AS come out.

I KNEW RAYQUAZA WAS DELTA. For all those jags that said rayquaza wasn't gonna mega evo. Suck my ass.

I watch anime now. NInja is my anime guru, but I don't think he really cares. I'm a picky guy that likes watching based on people's review's and it has to be like well known, so for TRUE anime watchers, I'm sorry I offended the art. I watch all my anime on KissAnime, if you want to watch anime, it doesn't get better than kissanime so watch it there

So far these are some of the great animes I finished watching
-Attack on Titan
-Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
-Hunter x Hunter
-Sword Art Online
-No game no life
-Sword Art Online 2
-Code Geass

Am watching
-Fairy Tail
-Death Note

Plan on watching
-Tokyo Ghoul(Idk the horror levels becuz I have problems and can't handle a certain amount of horror. Plox don't judge

So yeah idk, I can't let anime take up too much of my time since I'm in highschool and am a A honor roll wannabe.

Say hi and I'll say hi back :D
so ok then, cya.

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Alright, sounds good man
2 days ago by &Shining Yin
Uh sure, we can do it now :o
2 days ago by &Shining Yin
I might actually have to hit you up on that teambuilding offer haha. I'm a bit of a has-been though so be warned xD
2 days ago by |SentByRavens|
Also, y u no fairytail bro?
6 days ago by ReadyAimFire
We talked a fair few times but we were never bffs or anything. Prof.X, Recoded, Stay_Silent, any of these ring a bell?
6 days ago by ReadyAimFire
Love the name :D
Jan 21 by The Bulbasaur
All my friends are dead on this website. I qq very much ;(
Jan 20 by Generekt
I'm giving up on you.
Jan 15 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Nah, I like "Sir Dan", even though "sir" is being abused lately. May consider changing my name when the username changes next come round.

Oh, you have a lot of the Pokes I listed on my profile? Any chance you can clone or breed them for me? I can give you equally good Pokémon in return, if you tell me what you need. Most of the Pokémon on the list have their Hidden Ability, so as long as they have their HA, I'm not bothered what their stats are as I can breed them. If there's anything in particular you need, feel free to ask me to see if I have it.
Jan 14 by Sir Dan