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Gender: I don't care
Country: somewhere
Favorite Pokémon: Genesect obvsly
Friend Codes: Black 2
3740 7460 5557
3740 6026 8654
1177 8261 8211
About me: Hellooooooo World

putting that aside, I love everyone
no I don't that's not "pychologically right" (:P)
but lets be honest, I'll be a friend to anyone who isn't a total
I'll say hi if you say hi first.
Cya around :)

but wait.......
I decided to update my profile, since well, I guess more people might be reading this crap

well lets look into my competetive aspect of pokemon

I love competetive battling, the adrenaline rush, the snotty feeling  when you win, and to a lesser extent, the throat strangling feeling you feel when you lose, especially to hax.

I play OU and I'm pretty darn good too. I rank up to 1700 on a decent day and I like to give advice to those who ask for it.

This meta is kinda stale unfortunately but I still love pokemon nonetheless

As for my opinion ingame....
I loved playing xy and I still do

I couldn't put the game down when I first started, what can I say, I love pokemon :P

After finishing the game, I decided to put a competetive collecting aspect in the game and masuda bred for my first shiny, a greninja after about 300 eggs. I hatched Aegislash after exactly 32 eggs, pretty lucky :D

After that, I went to showdown's wifi room where I expanded my collection to 18 different kalos born shinies thanks to my master negotiation skills.

And thats my rant on pokemon

I'm just a pretty average 14 year old, almost in high school, meaning activity will probably decrease later on :(

I get straight A's and pride myself in being a nerd :3

Other than pokemon, I love pretty much any nintendo game out there, especially things like zelda, mario, kirby, metroid, and all that good stuff you find in SSBB. I also play the new games meaning I don't touch stuff like wind waker because it's out of my time so thank god for HD

As for this site, I have a lot of great friends
such as...
-Mega Pinsir
-ravens, if he comes back

those are the people that i know and talk to and generally have a good thing going with. Don't be upset if you're not on the list and don't be mad if you deserve it. I'm a derp and there's a wall for a reason

now for my anti-friends list

jk lol >:]
Well than, I'll leave you at that

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Oct 9 by The Trapinchinator
Sep 27 by Ninja
Ofc I have.
Sep 22 by Ninja
Well I just started this thing called high school and it looks like I'll have very little db activity, hopefully I'll be on here once in a while.
Aug 30 by Generekt
Lol I literally have nothing good to trade. Everything that's worthwhile is something that I want to keep.
I have a shiny Tropius if that's of any interest to you though lol.
Aug 14 by fondant
Dang, that sucks :[
Aug 7 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
tanx o3o
..and how?
Aug 7 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
Yeah, it'll be stronger than Zard X instantly
Aug 6 by &Shining Yin
Done. :P
Aug 5 by JackZero
I will. :]
Aug 5 by JackZero