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Member for: 3 years (since Jul 3, 2011)
Type: Moderator
Extra privileges: Voting on questions
Voting on answers
Voting posts down
Retagging any question
Editing any question
Editing any answer
Editing any comment
Editing posts silently
Selecting answer for any question
Viewing IPs of anonymous posts
Flagging posts
Approving or rejecting posts
Hiding or showing any post
Posting on user walls
Gender: Male
Country: USA
Favorite Pokémon: Mew
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About me: Hi.


Activity by Mewderator

Score: 4,012 points (ranked #1)
Questions: 205 (47 with best answer chosen)
Answers: 64 (33 chosen as best)
Comments: 637
Voted on: 94 questions, 67 answers
Gave out: 160 up votes, 1 down vote
Received: 334 up votes, 7 down votes

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Cool Gravatar
Mar 20 by FrackzienDelphox
dude #1 congratulations
Mar 6 by Infinity Mew
Next name change:
Mewderator ---> Mewdministrator. Definitively that :P
Feb 28 by ItsGuillotine
Nice grav :D
Feb 25 by DA830
Wait For It

OK, theres nothing
Feb 23 by Owen Xekrain
Watching mew......

┬┴┬┴┤ ( ͡° ͜ʖ├┬┴┬┴┬┴┬
Feb 22 by MonoUmbreon
shut up mew
Feb 7 by MonoUmbreon
Equation: Mewderator=Moderator=mew
Feb 2 by DA830
Jan 10 by the_netts
I find it funny how you have more points than PM XD
Jan 10 by Radicool21