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Gender: Complicated. Speak to Sempiternus.
Country: Colorado, USA. The hate and discrimination of people in my country has made me Xenophobic.
Favorite Pokémon: Slowbro, Altaria, Vivillon, Zoroark, a few others
Friend Codes: I don't do trading, but you can find me on the DB PS! server over here: http://pokemondatabase.psim.us

I dislike competitive battling. Everyone is using the same seven mons and it is incredibly boring. Use the mons you want to have fun with, not ones to beat what everyone else uses.

Shoutouts to my friends here, they're all pretty awesome people.

- DT
- trachy
- Mike
- Sempi
- Sofa
- SM
- Lusty
- Valet, whom I will never call Jojo
- Dan
- Star
- Rio

If I missed anyone, I probably don't regularly talk to you. If I forgot you, I'll add you when I remember.
About me: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Anime superultramegafan! Helps with depression.


Praise the rain.

I love reading. Great past-time.

I am generally pessimistic of the world as a whole.

Politics... yeah. Not my thing. You can probably guess my stances.

Favorite video games: Titanfall, Zelda franchise, Mario Kart, Telltale's TWD, Basically everything Ubisoft produces, Super Mario Sunshine, Kirby. Smash is beyond overrated, Mortal Kombat is better.

Favorite element: MTG's interpretation of Forest

RPG Elements I align with: Ice, Wind, Death / Black, Spiritual

Favorite Major Arcana -  0, I, II, IX, XII

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Watch this Anime: Steins;Gate

      The eccentric mad scientist Okabe, his childhood friend Mayuri, and the otaku hacker Daru have banded together to form the "Future Gadget Research Laboratory," and spend their days in a ramshackle laboratory hanging out and occasionally attempting to invent incredible futuristic gadgets. However, their claymore is a hydrator and their hair dryer flips breakers, and the only invention that's even remotely interesting is their Phone Microwave, which transforms bananas into oozing green gel. But when an experiment goes awry, the gang discovers that the Phone Microwave can also send text messages to the past. And what's more, the words they send can affect the flow of time and have unforeseen, far-reaching consequences—consequences that Okabe may not be able to handle...

If you guys are interested in all my Anime shenanigans, here is my list: http://myanimelist.net/animelist/OneEyedNinja

"It will take more than head games to stop me. You may have invaded my mind and my body... but there's one thing a Saiyan always keeps... HIS PRIDEEE!!!!!" -Vegeta, DBZ. No, you can't quote that differently.

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2 days ago by Ninja
Ninja watched Steins;Gate! I'm surprised. My personal favourite.
2 days ago by Spirit
That moment when I've actually seen one of your 'Watch This Anime'. :O
6 days ago by SoClassy
I currently play a Red/Green Aggro deck, which I guess can be considered Atarka. However, the archetype has been around in standard for ages, well before Dragons of Tarkir came along. So I'm loathe to actually say it is Atarka. You can view the deck here: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/15-05-15-rg-aggro/

Abzan is the clan I like playing with the most of the Khans of Tarkir Clans. It just has good creatures with above the curve stats (such as Siege Rhino, widely considered to be one of if not the best 4 drops in Magic), plenty of removal, and ramp.
May 15 by trachy
Thanks a bunch! :)
May 15 by Almighty Derpados
A master ruse if ever I saw one
May 14 by MonoUmbreon
For MtG? And Dragons of Tarkir clans or Khans of Tarkir clans if so?
May 13 by trachy
Welp, Jason Vorhees is in MKX now.
May 12 by SoClassy
Waz with da dbz grav? (dbz if im not mistaken)
May 11 by Weedle Everyday
PM was mean :c
Didn't gimme name I wanted
May 5 by Weedle Everyday