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Member for: 4 years (since Dec 10, 2010)
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Gender: Male ; 20
Country: La La Land (EST time)
Favorite Pokémon: Lugia, Milotic, Reshiram, Pichu, Rapidash
Friend Codes: - Soul Silver FC: 0818 6386 3630
- Black FC: 3954 6313 0035
- X FC: 3153 4588 8224
About me: * Formerly MidnightSky *

I love Pokemon! l also draw Pokemon as an artist, and as a hobby!
You can go to my deviantArt to see some Pokemon art l did, as well as other stuff too if you like!
I am currently studying Art in college, and eventually Computer Animation so I can work with video games in the future.
I also DJ dance, Hardcore, and J-core music as a side hobby too; you can check out my Youtube if you like: www.youtube.com/DJYellowStar

I own/have access to Black, Emerald, Sapphire,
Fire Red, Soul Silver, and Heart Gold.

If you ever want to battle or trade or need help, feel free to ask me!

I will be very inactive due to me having like 8 classes, and I'm in school from 9am - 9pm on weekdays (yes, a full 12 hours), and weekends are dedicated to me working on art projects and papers for school. I will try to go on as much as possible, as well as Christmas break-ish.
Until than everyone!

*Internal Notes:
xx # xx  
Nature: xx
Ability: xx  
~ xx EVs


  [1]: http://i628.photobucket.com/albums/uu7/erika_alliana/hello.gif


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Mar 7 by Mr. Pasta
Add me. FC is on my page
May 12, 2014 by [Dark Star] Greninja
May 2, 2014 by Scraf
Add me for friend safari please? 1521-4227-3715
Jan 12, 2014 by FreshxMint23
plz add me for your fletchinder safari
Jan 6, 2014 by frostedflaakes
Hey Samx4 i have a request for a drawing but im quite okay if you say no :D. Just asking for a favor
Nov 9, 2013 by Aura Warrior
Do you wanna trade or battle?
Nov 1, 2013 by Natsu
It looks like I'm third. Not a big life accomplishment.
Sep 17, 2013 by MasterLucario300
It seems I'm second :3
Aug 5, 2013 by Flare
hello :3. It seems that I am the first to post on your wall
Jul 28, 2013 by Aeternis