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Gender: Female
Country: Sydney, Australia
Favorite Pokémon: Escavalier & Dragonite
Friend Codes: I host/own dragonlair.psim.us (offline right now).

Codes: Honestly, too lazy to check.
About me: Hai, 15 years old, feel free to talk to me on chat or catch me on the DB server (pokemondatabase.psim.us).
More or less stopped battling, so don't bug me D:<.  I'm also a big fan of Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes and all that gud shizzle :3.

Friends List: You know who you all are >:O too many to put here :c. Danke if I'm on your friends list ;> and I'm pretty sure I know everyone who does >:D! Also, special shoutouts to Pikamaster (fwend), Aeternis (bwother), 12_Ghast (irl friend), Cyrax (padawan >:O).

Showdown alts: Mazu, KnightofDragon, Kotori Itsuka, Sempiternus
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Commonly asked questions about me;

Q: Sempi why are you so dumb?
A: Lost a lot of my brain cells talking to you

Q: Sempi, teach me math
A: I think you mean Meth. No need to teach, my supplier is Pokenubz/Aura Warrior. Take all requests to him.

Q: Notice me Sempai!
A: No.

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What is your spirit animal?
As a Crow, you are analytical, adaptable, and exceedingly clever. You like solving problems, sharing a hearty laugh with friends, and most of all, enjoying a good meal. Your inquisitive, philosophical nature leads you to constantly question authority and the status quo, sometimes just for the sake of asking, "Why?"

What Pokemon are you?
You are a very social, confident and impulsive person. You can be a bit quick to judge others, but you're loyal to those who earn your trust and nothing can stop you from protecting those you care about.

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Other stuff (TO BE FILLED IN LATER :3?)

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I personally only liked the first two seasons of Digimon (Digimon Adventures and Digimon Adventures 02), because they had the same characters in (plus new ones). After the second season I stopped watching it because they replaced the characters (I was guttered when they did that ;~;). But as someone growing up, while Digimon was a pretty big thing, watching the first two seasons of Digimon when it first came out on TV, was pretty epic. Many people thought it was better than the Pokémon Anime anyway. As for the other Digimon seasons, they don’t seem very good tbh :/ I haven’t watched them completely, but I have seen bits of some of them and they’re pretty terrible from what I’ve gathered.
2 days ago by Sir Dan
Congrats on 19k Master KoD!
3 days ago by <|Skymin|>
You've had it for too long o3o
4 days ago by The Trapinchinator
Change your grav :3
5 days ago by The Trapinchinator
The fact that grades matter and that I get an increased workload make it a tough transition, but I'm learning to deal with it
Nov 13 by Generekt
Hey Sempi, did you mean I should delete those dots that Secret posted? ••••••••••• like dat.
Nov 12 by LeafeonLol
Beat BlameTruth o3o

For the record my "ye" was referring to the fact I had his stream >.> I didn't snipe, his plays were obvious as hell anyway e.e
Nov 12 by Sempiternus
Darude - Sandstorm
Nov 11 by Pahffo
On a Doctor Who rant:
e.e ermygerd why clara
why u do dis
ermygerd why pink e.e
why u do dis
;-------------; And I thought it was going to be like a frigging Rory + Amy ending again.
But NOOOOO Pink has to be all righteous and send the little kid through it.
And then Doctor and Clara say baibai. BOOOOOO
And what is that cliche crap about "love is a promise bla bla bla" e.e
Meh it was still a gud episode :c

Nov 11 by Sempiternus
Nov 11 by Pahffo