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Gender: male
Country: The future region of Pokemon
Favorite Pokémon: That guy over there ->
Friend Codes: 0361-6966-6406
About me: Hi! I'm !Barx101! although people usually just call me Barx

my name originates from two presenters Barjo and Hex who host Good Game and Good Game sp, which is basically a show where the two review games.

now that you're here, may I offer you a cookie, or maybe a piece of cake?

I'm usually the shy one of the chat room, I don't really say much which you'll know if you've seen me on there. occasionally I'm not shy but I'd say more or less I am shy.  Please don't feel hesitant to talk to me though!

One thing you should know about me is that I'm quite a big Nintendo Fanboy. you  could also say I'm a GameBoy ;)
I don't really like Sony or Microsoft for their consoles, but that's just me.

I don't have much humor on my side, mostly because all of it is puns although from time to time I would tell another  joke, about once in a blue moon.

right now I'm trying to complete my National Pokedex in Alpha Sapphire, right now I'm looking for Genesect and Yveltal.(I will be wiling to do a round-trade for them)

I am pleased to announce I am on a personal journey to become a Minish. If you can't see me on the chat, it's probably because you can't see me! if you can I decided to...temporarily return to this size, so make it last.

Note: How to lick a lick:
 first you have to do a 306 degree spin
walk 5 steps backward
do a handstand
and lick a squirrel's mouth in a tree
Then go eat twelve tacos from an old man's van
and shoot and arrow at a flaming bow
and only then can you lick a lick

if you don't have a flaming bow, a flammable flame will also do the trick

made it this far, well congrats!

my friend list for this site:
Sir Dan
It's a secret!

If I forogtten to put you on  or you want me to all you need is to ask.

And that's basically me in general. so yeah... Enjoy! :D

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I can't believe I still have it there
5 days ago by !Barx101!
I remeber that how to lick a lick conversation :D
6 days ago by Tad
Jan 20 by Starizard
Hey :D
Jan 16 by !Barx101!
Hiya ;D
Jan 12 by Pisc
hey Keromatsu, if you see this we can do the trade thing anytime you want and if you don't also fine and one last thing, if you want your makuhita back, just say the word
Dec 23, 2014 by !Barx101!
you should check his channel, he have lots more great ones, trust me!
Sep 27, 2014 by !Barx101!
Wow that parody.
I'm hooked :x
Sep 27, 2014 by Qwerty_Zoom
May I ask why?
Sep 18, 2014 by !Barx101!