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Gender: Male
Country: USA
Favorite Pokémon: Metagross, the true Bulletproof Mon. Others include: Crobat, Starmie, Groudon, Gardevoir-Mega, Giratina-O, Jolteon, Mawile-Mega, Espeon, Tyranitar, Vivillon, Mantyke, Beedrill-Mega, Scizor-Mega, Heatran, Squirtle, Sharpedo, Gyarados, Articuno, Minun, Regirock, Jirachi, Gastly, Cloyster, Litwik, Numel, Magnezone, Steelix, Gallade-Mega, and Genesect to name a few.
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Psychic x, Shining Yin, and a few others
About me: Talk to me if you want to know about me. ;)

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Hey psychic I liked your answer about Skarm and Mantine that you gave me. So, what does your name mean?
Mar 18 by Seniorlittleballz
Thank you for your warning. I have removed upvotes. I promise to be more careful about my upvotes, however if we are to get banned please do not ban Silver, as he has nothing to do with it and it was me who upvoted his answers
Mar 14 by LeafeonLol>:D
I answered it, it asked what's a good counter for talonflame, so i said blissey was good.
Mar 14 by mailjiggly
I know that this is hard to believe and I can see why you think that, however I have removed all votes I have given to Leafy and I've only managed to find 2..... If you don't believe this I guess its farewell...I have no way of proving this to you unless you login to my account and see. If the proof is what you need and if it were to not ban Leafy I ,honestly, would happily let you do so.
Mar 14 by Silverdragon :D
Ok. If it does come to banning, please ban me not Leafy. Please. It's probably all to blame to me. Please.
Mar 14 by Silverdragon :D
If it is, I see why.
Mar 13 by LucarioMaster448
Why u hide my question? It's a legitimate team, so why? Is battle subway solely for battles on battle spot, VGC, ubers, ou, uu, etc?
Mar 13 by LucarioMaster448
Why did you hide my answer?
Mar 13 by mailjiggly
That Is Martho :O
Mar 12 by Jofly
baba booey
Mar 11 by Pahff