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I see.
Well, thanks for trying buddy! :)
4 days ago by Torym
Thanks for the link Fizz!
But really, if bringing my post back gets you in trouble than I have no problem with it being deleted.
Plus I don't quite understand what he means by "gimmick" (Google translator doesn't help) but, if I'm correct , it probably means something on the line of "too easy".
I honestly don't understand what I could edit/fix to make the post accepted.
4 days ago by Torym
I'd appreciate that you don't overwrite what I do like you have some sort of authority over me. That post was hidden because gimmick teams are not allowed in the RMT.  And also if he wants an explanation, they can ask me for one, otherwise I won't provide it. So I won't do as you say there either.
4 days ago by &Psychic x
Hey Fizz! Sorry to bother you on your wall, but I could really use your help!
My question in the RTM segment vanished, it was probably because I added pictures to the descriptions. Could/ Would you re-show it so I can edit them out? I spent a really long time typing that question and thinking off all the EVs and I'd hate it if it turned out to be for nothing, so please help me out if you can!
4 days ago by Torym
Haha just remembered I had these links. What the hell was this guy trying to ask xD
Jan 17 by ƒιzz
Jan 14 by Starizard
I posted a source
Jan 14 by PikaPi 3.14
That Draco on my least favourite Poke felt good :) damn fish is annoying. Made plays the entire match just trying to catch it switching in
Jan 8 by ƒιzz
You live in Australia! :o
I though you lived in Europe
Dec 30, 2014 by It's a secret!
Sorry for the late reply, but as for the Unova starter question, I was asking if there was a planned release outside of Japan. Thanks for explaining the confusion.
Dec 29, 2014 by Astronautical