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Haha sounds like the Extension Class we had in Primary.
And dang Fizz is a smart boy :3

Our classrooms generally suck :v we only got air con in the maths block like 2 years ago.
5 days ago by Sempiternus
Damn haha, that's gotta suck. You're in.. Year 9 I'm guessing?
5 days ago by Sempiternus
Yeah it's cold as recently. Been wearing way too much >.>
5 days ago by Sempiternus
Ello Fizz
We're flooding here. How's Melbourne. :3
6 days ago by Sempiternus
Crappy freemium rip offs of full priced games will be the death of Pokemon. Never thought Nintendo would stoop so low.
Apr 9 by ƒιzz
Thanks fizz :D
Apr 9 by Mewderator
Yay another australian user
Apr 4 by Aranacana
How is my in game team for pokemon X?

Apr 3 by LucarioMaster448
ƒιzz: the answerer of all of my questions on the META
Apr 2 by MeGa_SePtile2
Thank you very much fizz! XD I would have gone to the meta thread and asked, but I have zero points O.0
I appreciate your time
Mar 23 by Seniorlittleballz