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no, i had no idea all my posts had votes. i just watch my point totals
Aug 15 by Missingno. Master
So you can become a moderator that easily?
Jul 30 by sumwun
Jul 30 by sumwun
Nintendo made some of the most amazing games under Satoru Iwata's direction, many of which have been life changing to me. His passing truly saddens me. Rest in peace. I wish Nintendo luck with wherever they decide to go from here.
Jul 13 by ƒιzz
although it might just be on my computer
Jul 3 by MeGa_SePtile2
the "ι" is missing
Jul 3 by MeGa_SePtile2
Your name is broken when you comment
Jul 3 by MeGa_SePtile2
can you plz unhide my post
Jun 29 by loomhigh223555
thanks anyway
Jun 26 by Mr. Pasta
Can i start a thread for exchanging 3ds friend code?If you say ,should put in meta or pokebase?
Jun 25 by Mr. Pasta