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fizzzy could I catch you on the server :x?
15 hours ago by Sempiternus
Deviantart I think
1 day ago by !-<~Quagmire~>-!
vvv How do you find something like that? o.o
4 days ago by JarJar~
Wow, I can't believe I only saw that awesome Grav just now!!
5 days ago by Torterra02
Thats a sick grav fizz! :D
Aug 22 by Arcazeus
Dragalge <3
Aug 22 by !-<~Quagmire~>-!
I'm diggin' the Dragalge :3
Aug 20 by Pimplup
This avatar has gotta be one of my favourites. Dragalge is awesome :3
Aug 16 by ƒιzz
Please do not say "gg" to me when you know very well that it was NOT a good game. If I lose to some crit or miss, don't say "gg". Nothing pisses me off more...
For example, here:
I lose to Fire Blast missing twice in a row, and the guy says "gg". Just no.
Aug 10 by ƒιzz