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3 days ago by Le Scraf
Alright well I did this for XY, so I'll do it again for OR/AS. Tier predictions :)
Swampert-M: UU, with some use in OU
Sceptile-M: UU or OU
Sableye-M: wherever regular Sableye ends up, regular is better than Mega
Altaria-M: UU
Gallade-M: UU
Audino-M: UU or RU if it's unlucky
Sharpedo-M: OU
Slowbro-M: OU
Steelix-M: RU
Pidgeot-M: UU or OU
Glalie-M: RU
Diancie-M: OU
Metagross-M: OU
Primals: Ubers
Rayquaza-M: Ubers
Hoopa-M: OU
Camerupt-M: RU
Lopunny-M: OU
Salamence-M: OU or Ubers
Beedrill-M: OU
5 days ago by ƒιzz
Happy 4 years!
6 days ago by Le Scraf
I know, why won't Smash come out! We're so close, yet so far!
Sep 30 by TheCastformGuy
Hurry up October so I can play Smash D:
Sep 19 by ƒιzz
omg it's the lockness dragalge!
Sep 14 by Toxicroak
Thanks man :) and yeah me too, even though I've been here for 2 years and nearly 5 months I've technically only been fully active for little less than a year :/ So it's a shame I never got the opportunity to get to know them. On the bright side though I've still got the opportunity to know the DB's last remaining (active) and best Editor (there isn't even any competition, quite literally xD), but yeah you're an awesome Editor :3
Sep 9 by Sir Dan
Love that Dragalge!
Sep 9 by Le Scraf
500 answers is quite an achievement I suppose!

All the Mods/Editor (Fizz) will be laughing at me for saying that xD :3
 1 day ago  by  Sir Dan


 10 hours ago  by  ReadyAimFire

He's the only active Editor xD
 9 hours ago  by  Sir Dan
Sep 8 by Sir Dan