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I guess we were in the same boat, glad you understand :) I was trying not to sound rude, but it's not as easy as it seems when you're trying to get your to point across xD But yeah I actually agree with your post, which is why I up voted it. I'm just glad you didn't take my comment the wrong way and think I was being offensive and was lashing out.
1 hour ago by Sir Dan
Hey  ƒιzz, I hope you know I wasn't trying to argue with you, just expressing my thoughts on the matter. I wanted it to get answered so it was off the unanswered list, but at the same time I was quite interested in the possibility of a glitch Pokémon in Gen VI :P
2 hours ago by Sir Dan
I swear they've increased the crit rate in OR/AS. I'm seeing crits left and right. :/
2 days ago by ƒιzz
No worries mate.Tommorow is more convienient for me aswell so great.
Nov 15 by <|Skymin|>
Right we have the time sorted.Sorry but I wasn't on the server that time.Im looking forward to our battle.
Nov 12 by <|Skymin|>
*You know
Nov 12 by The Trapinchinator
You is now I didn't ask the diancie question for points, right?
Nov 12 by The Trapinchinator
For the time for the tourney, how about 08:00 AM Saturday (GMT +1((GMT outside of daylight savings.)) Post on my wall if you have any problems with this time.
Nov 11 by <|Skymin|>
theye're meant as a joke
they can be edited out but some people enjoy them
im fine if its changed :D
Nov 8 by It's a secret!