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Gender: U+2642
Country: Belgium
Favorite Pokémon: Empoleon, like a boss.
Friend Codes: Black 2: Name:Jojo    Code:5287-0326-6656
3ds code: Name:Jojo   code:2277-7946-0827
About me: I came, I saw, I conquered, I ate, I slept, I laughed, I died(lel, jk. The Valet does not simply die).

My Spirit animal:

Owls are keen, perceptive and skeptical. You're adept at getting the truth , making you an ideal investigator or attorney. Your insights into the less honorable side of human nature can make you a bit cynical, but your numerous  friends appreciate the dark sense humor it brings

Best Matches: Hawks, Foxes, Spider
Watch out for: Wolves, Horses, Otters

My Inner Pokemon:
You are intelligent and reasonab;e, but you prefer to keep it to youtself. You're a bit insecure and nervous and try to stay on everbody's good side by not arguing too much even when you know you're right.

What Pokemon are you?
What is your spirit animal?:

 Username changes: J1309 >>> DB~Valet >>> Aeternis

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Current state: Hibernation

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vvvv D:
Jul 19 by Sempiternus
Where be you JojoPal?
Jul 18 by NonePiece
Goodbye jojo, my brobro
Jul 16 by Ludicobro
Jul 9 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
Where did you take that Spirit Animal test, link plz?
Jul 3 by MrKijani
I'm a Hawk lel
Jun 25 by Young Reezy
e3o been a while
Jun 22 by Snow
It is been a long time.
Jun 22 by sheepman1306
I missed you a lot
Jun 22 by sheepman1306
He is still active on the server, we just hate everyone on chat.
Jun 22 by Ninja