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Gender: Once there was a woman, and that is how clothes began. But Digimon are digital bits of data and so have no gender, but we tend to be called "he" and "she" by our voice, which in my case would be a boy.
Country: Country? How about WORLD? I live on the internet, the DigiWorld. But I do think that my digital area would be somewhere in USA if the two maps were to be overlapped.
Favorite Pokémon: #1- Victreebel___ #2- Quilava___#3- Blastoise
Friend Codes: 1650-1309-1603 in Y, ingame name is Irvin
I have my own Polite Points system.
Basically, when you do nice things I give you points. You need 150 points to post on my wall and 1,000 points for me to consider my DB friend. When you get to 500 points I write a poem about you.

Some users have auto points just because I already like them. I put you on my Polite list below when you are allowed to posto n my wall. This is just some wierd thing that I came up with, I might ditch this stuff later.

-Only people who are on my friends list, enemy list, moderators/Pokemaster(obviously),  or my Polite list may post on my wall.
-Be polite and not rude

More wall rules coming soon!

New users according to my wall rules: 1 second - 1 month old

Polite list: !'•-Indigo-•'!, Myself, Enderdragon, #Mega Pinsir, chibi_gengar23, candy, barx101, Elegant Espeon (Twilight Prince.. spelled with fancy characters). More people coming soon. Also, I forgot a LOT of you guys in this list, so if you post on my wall it'll remind me.. and the post will stay.
These users have auto 500 Polite Points simply because I like them and most of them are usually quite nice! Well I've actually never even met Enderdragon, which is what I call "SJF logic".

DB Rivals: #Mega Pinsir (for being the first on new user's wall to welcome them to the site)

Itlxassasin (we've chated a bit and I EV trained your Shellder a tiny bit)
The Walrein Lover
Meow✵Meow✵Mewtwo (Elegantly Frosty, and vice versa)
Candy (Skit Skit)
Dark Typhlosion (we're friends right?? .-.)
Dat Puff
MrKijani (I consider yuu mez fwend)
Pika Master (I hate you so much.. :D)
Poke'Slash (My new tutor!)
Psychic x (Mike)
Tazzie (My old temp tutor, I've grown friendly to you.)

The list of people i hate:
Gligurr ( )
that wierd name with the qukkadub whatever the name is gligurr.
I don't hate the others (who said crap about me) in the picture because I actually get along with them.. but I am mad at them.

JCM because he's just a total jerk to me, always talking crap about me when I don't even say anything to him. I normally only see him on showdown (if ever) and i never get the chance to /ignore him because he always says something and i erase the /igno that i typed and then the argument begins.. :F
About me: My list of Favorite Pokemon, top tens, links, conversation moments, etc. are all located here: I did this to clean up my profile and so my profile wouldn't be flooded with stuff people don't want to read. I'll be updating the pirate pad very often (at least twice a week, but I'll try to add something every day) and when I add something I'll put it at the top in a "New stuff to the pad" section. Every week I'll place the new stuff from that section into it's preferred section. And don't bother pulling pranks on me and deleting everything in the pad, i have all the text saved in
a notepad and can easily paste it back in. :P

stare890 -> Polite Patamon, I'm going all out, like a Rollout! I'm still watching you though. ф-ф
Polite Patamon digivolve to Amiable Angemon!
I'mstill watching you though ф-ф, and I'm still Polite (look up the definition of amiable you nub)

So before you go all out on me about how much Digimon sucks and how much of a disgrace it is to Pokemon and blah blah blah.. I'd like to remind you that the two are extremely different dispite their obvious simularities. And even then, to each their own right? I like Digimon so just deal wit' it. If you DO like Digimon though, this post isn't for you.

I'm trying to work my way up to Expert. Don't get me wrong, I don't care too much for points or privileges on this site, but I really do want Expert. But I'm definitely unworthy of it at the moment o3o

The two foods I dislike the most are onions and sour cream, but I'd eat onions dipped in sour cream if that's what it would take for a Pokemon gen 1 AND gen 3 remake to be made. I know there's Fire Red and Leaf Green.. but remaking gen 3 is remaking what gen 3 remade.. right? I mean the two ARE part of gen 3.

I have Pokemon Ruby, Black, Black 2, Soul Silver, Y, Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, Stadium (aka 2), Hey You, Pikachu!, Stadium 2 (aka 3), Platinum, Pearl, and Ranger: Shadows of Almia.
My other games for Nintendo systems are Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW!, Guitar Hero: On Tour, GameBoy Camera, Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, Super Mario 3D World, Nintendogs, Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures, Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt, Centipede Infestation (I wouldn't suggest buying it), Heroes of Ruin (it's okay I guess), and Super Scribblenauts for.
I plan on buying PMD: Sky and LOZ: ST soon.
I play Halo and I've beaten all of the games except Halo 2, which I got pretty close to the end on. I also plan on buying the new Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors and Smash Brothers games for the Wii U when they come out.
I consider myself a hardcore Pokemon fan and an amateur Pokemon card collector.

Chapter 1: My tiny love for Pokemon as a "little" kid

Alright so, I'm still a kid, and I'm little.. :P but I like to think that "little" is taken away from the title once you're around ten years old, and Pokemon only backs this idea up.

So how did I find out about Pokemon? Who told me? How wold was I? Well let me ask YOU that first. You probably don't remember, Pokemon's been in your heart and memory for as long as you can remember, am I right? The same goes for me, I've always known it. If you do know how you first learned about Pokemon then that's awesome, depending on how recently or how old you are, of course.

So the first piece of Pokemon I remember is watching the first movie over and over throughout my life. When I was about five or six my brother gave me an old Japanese Dark Gloom card, I hate him for doing that. WHO WOULD JUST GIVE A HALF-POKEMON TRAINER AN ULTRA RARE CARD LIKE THAT? I have no idea about it's whereabouts or condition, I places it in my dresser drawer and never did anything with it. From the start I was in love with Pokemon cards. We had so many. I remember TINY TINY things.
I remember Raichu, Charmander, Charmeleon, Oddish, Exeggutor, Squirtle, Charizard, Bulbasaur Ivysaur and Venusaur. Ahhhh Venusaur, such great (and 30 milisecond long) memories. I was in love with Venusaur, and I wanted that Charizard card, though I never got it.
I do not completely remember images of these cards, so I am unsure what Charizard it was.

I remember the talking Pikachu plush

When I was seven or eight my sister gave me a promotional Mcdonald's card of Pikachu. On my seventh birthday I got my first Pokemon card pack- D/P/Pt era box- from my brother. I'm not sure how but I obtained a fourth gen Pokemon card binder as well. I still have a few of the cards from that box. I consider my first card to be the Pikachu from my sister, but I can't remember.
I remember looking at the first handbook, I felt unworthy of it the first time I read "Pokemon trainers must be 10 years old to get a Pokemon trainer license."

Chapter 2: My first Pokemon journey

Fast-foward to 2012. I got into the anime and watched the first three seasons. Only months later my brother finds Pokemon Ruby and a Gameboy Advance SP in an old storage building. He plays the hell out of it, tells me about his many Skitty eggs (that might have been Marshtomp, can't remember),talks for a couple weeks about how hard the Elite Four is and how they were the first to beat him, and then gives my the game and gives me a month to beat it. With my natural Pokemon trainer skills and awesomeness, I beat it within this amount of time. I was busy with other stuff so he gave me 2 months, but I still beat it in under a month. I obtained the GBA SP, Pokemon Ruby, and Gameboy Camera as a reward (though I think he would have given it to me anyway). I beat the E4 on my third try. How many tries did it take him? Hell if I know, but it took him a while to beat them.
I lost to the third of them on my first try. I asked him how far he got on his first try.. he lost on the second one. My second attempt at the E4 was actually myself accidentally walking in the room, at first I was gonna lose on purpose but then I went serious. But I lost the the second E4. My third and final attempt obviously did it.

Chapter 3: Fully getting into Pokemon

So after my brother moved out I kind of got lonely. My sister's boyfriend bought me Pokemon Black as an early Chrismas gift in November of 2012!
The game was terribly awesome and I finished it within a few weeks. So now I had two Pokemon games, a little bit of cards, and memories (and an empty Pikachu box full of stamps that I had by now lost all of).

I got into Pokemon sites, this one specifically. This site was the site I'd go to for just about all of my Pokemon information. I caught and evolved several Pokemon in Ruby for my dex thanks to this awesome site!

On my birthday in 2013, arguably the best day of my life (and it literally IS the day of my life),  me and my dad ate the most awesome waffles before going to the store.
I got a red Nintendo 3DS XL, Pokemon Black 2, and Pokemon Soulsilver. When it was getting late-ish my sister called, we chatted and... then she told me...... the news............. I immediately ran to the computer and went to this site- there it was, Nintendo's birthday gift to me, the announcing of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. I waited ten long months and it was finally set free. I still remember, opening up the game and popping that baby into my 3DS on my way home from GameStop. Watching that reddish-pink Y animation.. watching Yveltal fly, watching as Professor Sycamore tossed up and down the Poke Ball..
Six days later I beat it.
The most amazing part of this is that Nintendo announced the first main-series Pokemon games for the 3DS on my birthday- the day I GOT my 3DS. It was like they waited for me to get it before finally revealing it! They totally stole my Team Flare name though.

I still have every single one of my Pokemon from these games. From Ruby to Y, all except my Platinum Pokemon are on  my Pokemon Y.

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