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Gender: Fancy quagsire
Country: I live in a cave full of diamonds,precious stones and gold find me and you get the treasure
Favorite Pokémon: Arcanine,electivire,typhlosion,haxorus, sableye and quagsire
Friend Codes: 3179-7325-8275 for 3ds, IGN: Thomas, safari: eevee, mincinno  and dunsparce ( -_・) ︻デ═一 ▸ *ratata*
About me: Arcanie is amazing! Luxray is amazing too! Now electivire is even more amazing. EVERYONE person,pokemon and potato are my friends. i am a gym leader. my type steel. dont think that you will just need earthquake to beat me so dont DROP IT LIKE AN EARTHQUAKE.i am trying to make a little tournament each week and it would be pleasure if i get any advice for it.when it comes to battle, i am pretty dicky cuz i uselly like to battle those who dont ev and iv trained(what a dicky person i am). I am pretty good at competitive, i started competitive july 10 2014, in that little time i learned how to iv breed and ev trained.-------♥♥------PUT THIS ----♥♥-♥♥----RIBBON ---♥♥---♥♥---ON YOUR ---♥♥---♥♥---PAGE IF ---♥♥---♥♥---YOUR'E ----♥♥-♥♥----AGAINST -----♥♥♥------ANIMAL ----♥♥-♥♥----ABUSE ---♥♥---♥♥---THANK YOU

my team:
king nidas (nidoking)
technobug (yanmega)
super sayan (lucario)
MrSwag (krookodile)
HardRockMetal (metagross)
speedyboii (sceptile)

Bigbanggalaxy (ultimate rival)
Qwerty zoom
Darkumbreon(on showdown)
(Just battle me and i will add you as rival)

Arca or Zeus those are the 2 main ones my future name is: President Quagsire

I am fancy quagsire that can only be caught by a fancy ball. I can only be found in a fancy safari that is in fancy kalos region.

Favourite pokemon for each type

Normal: zangoose
Fire: Arcanine
Water: floatzel
Grass: Amonguss
Poison: seviper
Ground: nidoking
Steel: metagross
Rock: geodude
Fairy: azumarill
Ice: mamoswine
Electric: electivire
Psychic: reaniculus(the jello alien from gen 5)
Dark: sableye
Ghost: sableye
Bug: parasect
Fighting: comkeldurr
Dragon: tyrantrum
Flying: braviary

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Wow I haven't actually posted on your wall yet? Well I can now check that off my Bucket List.
12 hours ago by Talonflamers
13 hours ago by Scraϝ
You're welcome! No offense, that was a nightmare to read xD
23 hours ago by Scraϝ
Hey Arcazeus, thanks for the answer on my question. You're awesomeness is as high as the amount of annoying bidoof i've encounntered in sinnoh. (Yes, that's still positive, and that IS indeed very high :))
1 day ago by LOPD220009
1 day ago by demat
Finally made it to the first page :D
2 days ago by !-<~Quagmire~>-!
3 days ago by ♛KingJordan♛
Thanks bud!
Aug 14 by ♛KingJordan♛
Because it didn't answer the Q
Aug 13 by &Psychic x
Do you have the clone 6IV ditto yet?
Aug 13 by SethPokemon