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y u no alive
Sep 17 by Sempiternus
._. :C
Sep 17 by Sempiternus
Changed my Gravatar! I think you'll like it. ;)
Apr 20 by FrenzyTorterra
Hello I have a gen 5 game and would be happy to trade as the WiFi for gen 4/5 is closing soon.
Mar 3 by The Noby
ok haunter
Feb 21 by Artist KS
Hi, there. I haven't seen you in ages. I have a favour to ask of you. Come on chat sometime, will ya?
Feb 19 by Dunsparce
woah, thanks, umm, I dont know what to say XD
Feb 17 by Artist KS
If you havn't realised we have another Gym Leader audition going up.
I decided to help judge, and I offered you without your knowledge as a potential candidate for the NU spot. SORRY XD
Anyway, discuss this further if we have time.
Feb 17 by Sempiternus
Yeah, those were there cause at one point Blobyolo was choosing DB gym leaders, I was trying for NU but I didn't get it :'l
Feb 16 by Artist KS
Why is 1/3 of your 'About Me' section filled with Showdown replays? XD
Feb 16 by E⚡️ectridash02