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Member for: 3 years (since Feb 19, 2014)
Type: Registered user
Gender: male
Country: united states of america
Favorite Pokémon: Riolu and Lucario right over Blaziken, Genesect, Samarott, and Reshiram
Friend Codes: don't know what they are....
About me: My names Blazemaster, and my name says it all. You touch me, you burn. You catch me, you burn. So basically, don't touch me. The pokemon games that I have played HeartGold, Ruby, Diamond, and Black 2. My dream team[and real team] is:

-Blaziken(has been the strength of my team, and worked well alongside my Metagross. He is like a one man army, and could probably win against a Groudon and a Yvetal in a two on one match. I am proud of my first full-raised pokemon ever)

-Rockerchop the Machamp(caught a young machop, and my sister raised it for me. I LOVE it's power)

-Ocrist the Ninetales(misty and timid, has been the gentle fire on the team. It took a while to make it a Ninetales because I had caught the vulpix after I had sold all of my fire stones)

-Raichu(I raised it from an egg, it's one of my favorites. He is the sparking battery that keeps my team up and going)

-Killer the Gyarados(I use it for searching for wild pokemon. It's a big mistake because my sister made all of it's moves HM moves, so I caught another Gyarados)

-Crobat(caught the Golbat at the Sky Piller and raised it. I now use it for when I go "Latios hunting")

This is the team on the second poke-game I ever played with my own file. The first one was HeartGold, but I stopped playing it. Here's some new info to all you ruby players: Lairon can be caught  
at victory road. I caght one at level 40.

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