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I do IV breeding. I tried SRing for a 4IV Cresselia and it was torture. I plan on just trading for Legendaries with perfect IVs.
5 days ago by Astronautical
I mostly do team testing on Showdown, but I've bred a (albeit terrible) VGC teams in-game. At the moment I'm breeding the final Pokémon for my Bro Squad. EV training begins tomorrow, and Battle Spot testing hopefully the same day. I'm entering a competition on the 29th.
6 days ago by Astronautical
Phwew, thanks for noticing that. I wouldn't want to do EoS an injustice.
Mar 17 by Astronautical
I'll cal you BloyoBro now B)
Mar 7 by Astronautical
Heh, thanks for the suggestion. Hve you ever heard of too much of a good Bro? Well, that doesn't apply to Bros. The more Bro the better, Thanks, Bro.
Mar 7 by Astronautical
Hey Blob
Mar 6 by Silverdragon :D
Welcome back!
Mar 6 by Poke'slash
Well you are a sight for sore eyes! Welcome back!
Mar 6 by [MEGA]StellarLucario
I just upvoted one of your random answers so your Score can be 13,370 lol
Mar 6 by Pahff
Tangrowth looks cute when he is happy.
Yay happy Tangrowth!  :D
Mar 3 by MeGa_SePtile2