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Gender: Female pokemon lover lol
Country: East Syracuse
Favorite Pokémon: Pikachu and of course shiny pokemon
Friend Codes: Youtube: Bri Miler
Pokemon y: 1719-4556-2016

Pokemon white2: 3311-5582-9457
Pokemon soulsilver:2752-9894-4200
And yes I have shinies. I would love it if you guys would give me shinies from gen 6 ( they look AMAZING) or shiny pokemon that have a blue pentagon blow it's typing in its summary. That means the pokemon was born/caught in kalos. The reason I am asking for that is because in gen 5 and down it has a major hacking problem and some

hacks can get through pokemon bank. As of right now there is no
way to hack gen 6.

                                                                       Shinies I really want:

If u guys have a shiny dedenne,espurr/meowstic,noibat,shinx,,
eevee, emolga, poliwag, barboach, litleo,  skiddo, inkay, tailow, bagon,
pachurisu, Electrike,  or pretty much any 6 gen shinies, I am willing to trade pretty much ANYTHING for it so please if u have any of those pokemon shiny or any shinies of your own please trade with me I have lots of shinies
About me: I am 50% Italian and 50% Russian female pokemon lover. I am 13 years old. My parents call themselfs pure breads and my kitten as we'll and call me a mut... Get it?! My mom is pure Italian and my dad is pure Russian. My kitten (a singapura) is a purebread too. Lol

Please please PLEASE subscribe to me on youtube

Username: Bri Miler

Things I do on my channel:
. Mostly pokemon related things
. Rainbow loom
. 3ds games tutorials + gameplay (pokemon)
. Singing (not very often)
. Will be doing shiny pokemon giveaways
. My singapura kitten videos
. A few iPhone/ ipad  apps gameplay and tutorials.
. Be fabulous

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I need subbies!!!
Jul 5 by Carebears123
I have LOTS of gen 6 shinies!!!
Jun 21 by Carebears123
pie tastes
 really good lol
May 13 by Carebears123
Apr 25 by ~~Dazzling Sylveon~~
Apr 17 by Carebears123
I also have protean frokies for free!!!
Apr 4 by Carebears123
I love shinies
Mar 27 by Carebears123
Mine Is Hayato
Mar 7 by Neon Servine
Okay How Does Today Sound?
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