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User Christen Vulpine

Member for: 1 year (since Jun 14, 2013)
Type: Registered user
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Gender: male fox (or human whatever I feel like :P)
Country: U.S.A
Favorite Pokémon: 1.Haunter/Pikachu/Eevee 2.Ninetails 3.Pigdieott 4.Koffing 5.Gariados
Friend Codes: I only own 3rd gen, first gen, and first gen remake but my showdown is ChristenJay
About me: Alright first thing....... TACOS!!!!!!!!!

Anyways Hi I'm Christen. Don't mess with my friends or else.

Fave color: Dark Green
Bday: Feb.23
Previous Usernames: Christen, CJKill, Christen, Christen Vulpine
 Important people (in no order) : Redthelengend like a father to me(he taught me a lot about this site), Psychic best mod ever, Joshua Shadowkid my best bud in real life, BeautyFox because foxes are cool
,lupus she's a great friend

  Other friends (Friends to me weather they like it or not ) are Sir_Mudkip, Candy, jello hamster, moon, meowing horse, sassy little mawlie, MajesticArcanine, Nova Wolf, Dark Star,indigo, Tear bear (terri), Psychic,BigBangGalaxy,Sindraghast, King Jordan,  Arcanine18,Natsu, xGEKx, Demon flygawne, LaZeR fish, Arcazues,Qwertyzoom, demat, Tedpokenerd
Sorry if I forgot u -_-

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Late response.
Oct 8 by Sephazeon
also put me on your friend list, put me first because im your girlfriend
Oct 8 by CWegz
Dont you ever try and consider cheating on me again or else youre gonna be sorry >:o!
Oct 4 by CWegz
Hai foxy
Sep 2 by It's a secret!
That's you? Wow.
Aug 29 by It's a secret!
Dang Chrissypoo, did  you draw your gravatar, if so thats really gud <3333333333333
Aug 27 by CWegz
Aug 11 by RedtheLEGEND