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Gender: boy
Country: i live in a parralell universe.
Favorite Pokémon: do i need to say it?.
Friend Codes: 3ds- 5214-9366-3106 (It don't say my username!)
About me: Birthday APRIL 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!

CURRENT TEAM: if it need anything let me know on wall. (^-^)
lets get started. DONT SAY I SUCK AT TRANING POKEMON. I try at least.......
Deoxys LV.100@ nothing
nature docile
sp atk-419
sp def-72
356 spd
MOVES psychic, hyper beam, recover, Zen head butt

LV.100 Delphox With a float stone. its Timid.
 Balanced be fore sp atk.
SP. ATK 276
SP.DEF 251
MOVES Grass Knot
Mystical Fire
Fire Blast

Darkrai LV.100 @ nothing
timid nature
 bad dreams
speed 319 balanced after speed
dark void
dream eater  dark pulse    night mare.

Arceus lv 100 leftovers
balanced HP 389
adamant nature
Roar of Time
Spacial rend
Shadow force

Blaziken LV. 88 Blazikienite
nature quirky
DEF 154
SP. ATK238
SP.DEF 150
HP 278  

Ninetales  LV.53 Life orb
balanced nature Naïve

Fire Blast
Feint Attack
Flame Burst

finished finally. Help out the team! thanks.

NOTICE: I update my about me constantly, and this post will be deleted when im done.

I have Pokémon x and AS. I like trivia about Pokémon but nothing else. I've always loved Pokémon, no matter how big or small.

Friends- The one and only, Twig ,  Double r DJ (we stared tds) , Leaf, The one and only Demonic Flygwane! My nick names are Deo and plain ol' Deoxys!   (also call me Ace, that's what all my friends at school call me. but u don't have to if u don't want to.)
Everybody is a friend to me, so most of the time I will just talk on chat. Even though I've been here  2 years I know the site well.

I do not have internet for my 3ds. I also am sort of on the funny side, but its like TOTAL SARCASAM so if you don't like sarcasm, don't talk to me. (unless you don't mind it.) Im a nice guy but I take things to serious sometimes.

Most used faces (^-^)

Most unlikely to Say: Deoxys sucks.
Most likely to Say :B**** WAT U SAY??!!
what I need: more toast
Pokémon (I have just 4 boxes. poor me.)
I have just about all legendries now. I need a few more.
I need ........... well that's all I need.
U got TSD now!  (its typing dyslexia  Syndrome)
Age:12 Grade 6
There that's all about me! Post on my wall if u like some of the things I like!    x  Bulling  (stop cyber, mental and physical bullying, put on your about me!)

There u have It!
 Days I broke 100 marks ( I just got started!)
100- 2/22/15
200- 4/8/2015

Here's my WOJ(weapons of justice) collection
It evolved! yay! ===[]===========€>

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^ Outdated a bit but explains. Now, you gain a stat boost automatically, so even lv100 mons can EV train from scratch. Exp share now works for all pokemon at once, and instead of something like 252atk/252spd/6HP, we say 4HP since the remaining two get wasted since you need 4EVs to increase by one.
4 days ago by Sapphire (>•D•)>
Natures could be better, and you'd want to give them EVs (good ones too). Also not many people are going to like it if you use all ubers/legends, it also makes you look unexperienced
6 days ago by Sapphire (>•D•)>
Arceus and the two deoxyses need items, at least put on leftovers or a life orb
6 days ago by Sapphire (>•D•)>
Oh and are you playing in a specific tier? You have a bunch of uber Pokémon on your team
6 days ago by Sapphire (>•D•)>
IVs stands for Individual Values, which every Pokémon have. There are six stats you have IVs in; HP, Attack, Defence, Special Attack, Special Defence and Speed.  In each stat, you can have 0 to 31 IVs, 31 being perfect and when paired with 252 EVs in that same stat and a boosting nature, can make the stat as high as possible for that species.
Obviously a 6IV Pokémon (a Pokémon with IVs 31/31/31/31/31/31) is good, but many times it is unnesesary. Since the destiny knot is an item that passes down 5IVs from the parents when breeding, this makes it easier as special attackers dont need good attack IVs and physical attackers wont be missing their special attack IVs. Special attackers would want to try to lower their attack IVs as much as possible though, to reduce confusion and foul play damage. Something like 31/0/31/31/31/31 would be good for most special attackers.
In the battle resort there is a guy who tells you your IVs, but he doesnt give exact numbers so you need to learn yo understand what he says,
6 days ago by Sapphire (>•D•)>
It's also not a creepypasta, its a quote from the game.
6 days ago by MeGa_SePtile2
Idk, I'm not into competitive
6 days ago by MeGa_SePtile2
Actually none of my shinies are uft rn, i think I just got scammed so I'm trying to keep the few competitive mons I have left :L Sorry!
6 days ago by Sapphire (>•D•)>
Jul 25 by Rayannelle
'~' reality has been keeping me off of interwebz a lot, my bad
Jun 27 by DemonFlygawne