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Gender: boy
Country: Earth
Favorite Pokémon: I now like Reshiram Zekrom and Deo and genesect and jirach- well u get it.
Friend Codes: 3ds- 5214-9366-3106 (It don't say my username!)
About me: NOTICE: I update my about me constantly, and this post will be deleted when im done.

I have Pokémon x and am getting omega ruby soon. I like trivia about Pokémon but nothing else. I've always loved Pokémon, no matter how big or small.

Friends- The one and only, Twig ,  Double r DJ (we stared tds) , Leaf, The one and only Demonic Flygwane! My nick names are Deo and plain ol' Deoxys!   
Everybody is a friend to me, so most of the time I will just talk on chat. Even though I've been here  2 years I know the site well.

I do not have internet for my 3ds (even though I think I can) so I might have to remember your friend codes. sorry!

Fav games-
Pokémon xy
Gundam ( Don't like, don't post besides- who don't like a 20ft robot?   ^-^)
MGS3 (Metal gear solid 3 and 2)
NFS ( I like Lamborghinis!!!!)
Super smash bros- old and new
Armored core(ALL OF THEM. DO NOT EVER MAKE FUN OF THIS GAME,OR I WILL HAUNT U. i also dream of making one in the future.)

Favorite shows-
Pokémon obviously
Amazing world of gumball
Adventure time (don't like Fiona and cake, that is just wrong.)
Besides, he's a yellow dog and can turn in to any thing!
Pokémon manga
Naruto (go Sauske!)
Evangelion(New movie come 2 today, it better be soon to.)
Fav books
Michael Vey
Big Nate
Naruto Manga

U got TSD now!  (its typing dyslexia  Syndrome)
Age:12 Grade 6
There that's all about me! Post on my wall if u like some of the things I like!    x  Bulling  (stop cyber, mental and physical bullying, put on your about me!)

There u have It! ( no more info so, get over it! and also,  From lowawsome411, Like a moss!)That's hilarious!
 Days I broke 100 marks ( I just got started!)
100- 2/22/15

Here leaf take this.
Here's my WOJ(weapons of justice) collection
Here's a baby sword leaf gave 2 me:

The killer-

The story(continued)-
Well I see it is low who committed the crime(deo) *low runs* Let him go the SWAT will get em'. *gun goes off*WTF?(deo) Go! Deoxys! (Deoxys grabs low) Hah! Got you now! (Deo) Sorry, that was my phone.(Demon) Eh... not guilty. ((Deo)) (beside the champ wouldn't win any way.... XD) THE END

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Nice story mate XD
Mar 12 by Infernal♕Crown(twig)
Again, what story :D? I don't remember ever being shown a story
but you have talked about one. I do look forward to reading it though :)
Mar 11 by DemonFlygawne
It's up to you. Looks fine to me
Mar 6 by Infernal♕Crown(twig)
lol it happens from time to time. Especially to someone with TDS you know
Mar 3 by Infernal♕Crown(twig)
If you need any more help just ask
Mar 3 by LeafeonLol>:D
Ok! Well I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but when you go into there is a silhouette of a white face with a cap (a trainer). If you click that, it tells you to create your Pokemon Trainer Club account.
Mar 3 by LeafeonLol>:D
Woohoo! Congrats on getting Hoopa and Volcanion! :D
Also, sure, I'll help you get a login, what would you like me to do?
Mar 2 by LeafeonLol>:D
Sorry, I was offline for 2 whole days xD
Mar 2 by DemonFlygawne
Lol sorry I couldn't reply I was at the cinema xD I'd be happy to random battle you, but I'm quite a noob, and I've only just properly got into competitive (like last week properly) although Silver is helping me
Feb 28 by LeafeonLol>:D
yup . fifth.  oh come on i beat the game in 2 weeks (should have been 1 but was busy) plus only 70 new pokes ??!
Feb 28 by BMO the robot(Bebo)