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DT, you hid my Jokes question. I wasn't telling people to post their jokes there, I was just asking one of the Mods or PM to say if it was alright.
3 days ago by Torterra02
I see you hid my question.  I now see why.  Would it be acceptable if I asked you directly?
6 days ago by HelloBloon
Ey' man what up?
Jul 7 by Young Reezy
Dude! Why do you keep hiding my question?! I just had this question and I thought if I asked it here, it could get answered! But I was wrong! What's wrong with my question! I just wanted to know if anyone else in the anime went through the same thing as me! That's all! :(
Jul 4 by ehesister
Calculus I
Jun 22 by sheepman1306
A level 4 that when Normal Summoned allows you to Special Summon a level 4 or lower card from your hand.
Jun 19 by trachy
seconds ago also, tour sled dogs with puppies instead of dogs. That's where the real money is.
Jun 15 by MrKijani
Star Fox for Wii U has been announced.
Jun 10 by trachy
Do you get annoyed when I say "Fabulous"?
Jun 6 by ~~Dazzling Sylveon~~