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I'm official now Robocop which kills batmen  so o3o!
Jul 31 by Cyrax
Robots have feelings too ;-;
You know, instead of there being tree-obsessed people there will be robot-obsessed people because tree-obsessed people found out that trees in fact dont have feelings long ago, like in 2030.
Am I close? :D
Jul 30 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Personalties,,but they're Robots...

What kinda freaky bull happens in the future?
Jul 28 by ReadyAimFire
Raised by wolves and sexy time traveling robots...In America!
=======★  The more you know

Do British versions exist as well? I'd like to meet some. Also, how sexy can Robots be? Like, a washing machine with a bikini or something?
Jul 28 by ReadyAimFire
Me too, I have been busy try to get the fall for school too. I did not realize there is so much paper work involved. I do you know I was a worry wort? I was mad yesterday and trying to get ahead of my paprer work of transfering!!! Example like AM, the deadline is Jan 1, -March 1 of 2015!!!!!!  I just hope that I get accepetd. I was mad yesterday becasue my family relatives do not want to pay my finaial for schooloing. What is werid that Tuesday, I took them out to lunch and it was like they are interested paying for my school Yesterday, they did not......Anyways, I am going to work hard at my schooling and be academic despiline.
Jul 25 by sheepman1306
Raised by wolves and sexy time traveling robots...In America!
 =======★ , Only in America!
Jul 23 by Hawluchinations
Where have you been, it is been awhile????
Jul 20 by sheepman1306
Thanks for hiding my question DT. I am not being sarcastic.
Jul 20 by Umbreon9519
Plot twist:

Stupid user: Y u hide my question?!

You: *Sigh*

Me: Because I told him too, DT is a BlackShadowWolf and only listens to me!

You: Yeah it's all Dan's fault he made me.
Jul 18 by Sir Dan < Do you feel like this when you see incomprehensible questions and answers?
Jul 18 by Sophisticles