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elves for life
Apr 24, 2014 by pkmn Trainer Robin
Apr 24, 2014 by Natsu
*you should
Dec 29, 2013 by Shining Yin
But yeah, ypu shpuld come back :D
Dec 29, 2013 by Shining Yin
Zygarde has more bulk than a Hippowdon, it will not be RU. After a DD, Zygarde can clean sweep an entire team with EQ+Extremespeed. It's going BL or staying OU.
Dec 29, 2013 by Shining Yin
I have Keldeo u hae ARCEUS?
Dec 1, 2013 by Natsu
Just because Claydol is severally outclassed by Blastoise doesn't throw it into a Lower Tier, just as Zygarde, who isn't even "severely" outclassed as a DD/Coil user, shouldn't be as well. Think about what your saying- your throwing a Pokemon that has both the Typing and Bulk to Set Up on every Pokemon in the Tier, and thus overcentralize the Metagame. And so I disagree.

BTW Smogon has already Tiered it as OU, so I think my point stands undefeated...
Nov 2, 2013 by Enoch.EXE
Zygaurde in RU? Really?
Oct 29, 2013 by Enoch.EXE
Yup, sure do :D
Sep 19, 2013 by Lusty