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Gender: Female Electric/Fire Rapidash
Country: Singapore
Favorite Pokémon: Rapidash, Umbreon, Latias, Empoleon, Lucario, Gallade, Scyther, Ho-oh, Lugia, Shaymin, Keldeo, Thundurus, Absol, Samurott, Luxray, Greninja, Delphox, Lapras, Hawlucha, Talonflame, Skarmory, Flareon, Jolteon, Glaceon, Ampharos, Aegislash, Escavalier, Togekiss (add more when I can remember them)
Friend Codes: I have no idea how to get mine (I play Pokémon Y)
About me: First things before the 'introductions'

1. I'm done hating on this world. Now I'm waiting for the world to stop hating on me.

2. I'm crazy and I don't care.


UPDATE: I have a Dark form of me, DraconicUmbreon. I hope someone can shorten this name.. (Example: ElectricRapidash-->Electridash

Username Changes:GlidingEmpoleon02 -->
ElectricRapidash02--> Electridash02

Hi! To whoever reading my wall, I am Neon (see my profile pic), a special Rapidash with another type, Electric! I can learn many Electric type move...Thunderbolt...Charge Beam, Thunder, Electro Ball, Shock Wave, Spark, Thunder Wave, Volt Switch and even Volt Tackle!

Due to the fact that I was once a gliding Empoleon, I can still fly/glide and use some Steel-type moves (and possibly some Water Type moves, Ice-types too)

Actual type: Fire/Electric/Water/Ice/Dark/Psychic/Dragon/Steel (Lolwut?)

Random records:

Sleeping late at night :4.18am

Most annoying time in Y : When I wasted 100000 Poké-dollars on a brown hat.

I'm 11! I started playing Pokemon at 6, and that game was Pokemon Diamond.
Showdown Username (But I only play randoms)

Stuff about me:

According to the Chinese Zodiac, I'm a 'water horse' (born in a year with lots of rain) so I should be Keldeo, (who cares, I still like Fire-types) but my mom is a  'fire horse' (born in a very sunny year) Ironically, our personalities are totally opposite (like I was supposed to be the fire horse and my mom, the water horse)
I'm actually somewhere in between.... so......... Steam horse??? XD

When I say 'comeon'( this is NOT an eeveelution) I actually mean 'come on'...

Sometimes, I spell 'SkarmoRy' as 'SkarmoNy'

Sometimes, I might suddenly leave a battle (on Showdown. That's because my mom hates Pokémon, so I can only battle in my free time. Then she calls me. So I leave the battle.

I think everyone hates me as everytime I enter chat, it goes silent in about 5 minutes.

I wish that chat will change back into the usual 'chatting' and trivia instead of mostly people asking for FCs, trades or battles

After being a Rapidash on the DB for about 4 months, I can say that Rapidash is now my favourite Pokémon!

I like Empoleon cos' he was my  first starter, and the only  starter with a part Steel typing. Furthermore, he is also like me....slow,  mediocre attacking stats...and GOOD DEFENSE! (Seriously, if you kick me, I won't be bothered by it) I also have 'good evasion' and 'horrible accuracy'

But, although I like Empoleon, I actually prefer fire-types.

BURN IT ALL!!!!!!!!!

BTW(By the way), I can be rather/a little annoying, y'know?

THE PART BELOW WILL CHANGE SOON TO OPOKEMONS FORMAT SOON. (OPokémons are created by a user called Hellfire Rayquaza8 and I. (We are classmates) each Pokémon has 3 made up abilities and moves blah blah blah)

Hydroblast the Gliding Empoleon
Flash Cannon
Ice Beam
Aerial Ace

Item : Aqua Feather
Doubles power of Water and Flying moves. Restores 1/8 max health per turn.

Ability: (still thinking) Can someone suggest one with a cool sounding name? Something about using Electric moves to up Special Attack by 2. (Must use something related to Steel, Ice, Water or Flying types. Example, for a Fire-type Pyro xxxxxxx )

Neon the Electric Rapidash

Moves I usually use.
  Flame Charge
  Flare Blitz
  Volt Tackle
  Morning Sun
Morning Sun
Charge Beam

Item: Blazing Bolt
Ground moves become HP. Doubles power of Electric and Fire moves.

Ability: Electric Evader
Uses Electric-type moves to up Speed and Evasion by 2 stages each.

Suncrest the Staraptor
Brave Bird
Aerial Ace
Heat Wave
Steel Wing

Auraslash the Lucario

Aura Sphere
Dark Pulse
Dragon Pulse

Psychoblade the Gallade

Psycho Cut
Brick Break
Night Slash
Ice Punch

Lunareon the Draconic Umbreon (First OPokémon!)

I'll juz add a Imgur link here when I have the time)

I'm probably not gonna add more Pokémon, so here are my favourite types:

1. Fire
2. Steel
3. Electric
4. Water & Flying

If I say I'm reading the RMT on the chat room, you know I'm bored..

Nicknames I can tolerate/like:

Electridash (Erapidash, now Eponyta made this.)

Nicknames I will NEVER tolerate/hate
Erapidash 2

I was thinking about the suggestion where we could see who's on and who's not (Like an 'online' box) Wynaut we have one, but only for those people we 'favourite' (You know, the star by someone's profile)
I wanna put up a 'friend list' but I won't 'cos I'm afraid that some people might not like it if they're not on the list. Sorry.

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Keeping my username the way it is.
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