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Gender: lel why does everyone always put something dumb in here... im a chicken [wo]man [they'll never know ¬.¬
Country: Ireland/ Or if you wanna be all dumb and specific about it Northern Ireland =/
Favorite Pokémon: Jellohamster
Friend Codes: We are a shameless family of Sinners.

Daddynician: Pride,
Lemum: Lust,
Brodad: Greed,
Sempiternus: Sloth,
Aetern00b: Wrath,
SofA: Envy,
Hotcakes: Gluttony

Trust & Betrayal can keep his or her hands/penis off anything that moves, Miror Bro kidnaps the children on a daily basis, Sempiternus sleeps through all our family meetings, whilst Aeternis spanks and m00ts us. EeveeLotion :3 r jelly bc no auth and also bc I suck qq ate all the cakes >;l
And yet Scizornician is as proud as can be, of his b00tiful family...

+SilverKill: Wassup

@Sage Lute: Yes.

+SilverKill: Good answer

DemonFlygawne: Custom Game is just Hackmons on crack :D

CobbleWobble started banging CobbleWobble!

~CobbleWobble: #foreveralone

UmbreonOne started banging CobbleWobble!

☺UmbreonOne: better?

~CobbleWobble: it hurts a bit

☺UmbreonOne: D:

UmbreonOne started sucking Dubsteppers!

☺UmbreonOne: :D!

~Dubsteppers: :D

UmbreonOne likes the taste!

^^^^^^Hex's new commands :P

5158 1913 7218 white 2 Name Joey

3DS- 3196 3005 5395

Friends,- not updating since name change
JackZero- >3< (baby shea >w<)

Jellohamster-Love Ya jello XD

Geoffiroth- Bestestestest Friend IRL :3

Hex-OFC sexy hexy is here, too bad we both HeteroHexual Males XD

ZoroarkMaster132-Please come back :(

Artist KS: Lul i beat him in all tiers c:< 'cept OU, it was a good game though so idrc

candy-Very nice person. Everyone loves candy :D :D :D :D

Beaking Point-^.^ he's really fun to talk to, also we always talk like every day.

knightofdragon - I freakin love KoD such a good friend, Cheap ass mofo, Rain team... pffffft...  Scarfed Keldeo :< That was Just Cruel

Dark Charizard-I think thre's 2, the girl one is my friend cuz she always answers my questions good C: Also she's just eally nice and fun to talk to

Sexy Pocket'Slash - :D POCKET SLASH <3

codbro37-Giime lotsa cool free pokemon like Arceus and Shaymin

Lucky2000-ummm ya lucky XD

Reds Pikachu-i think he's gone 4 ever??? he was/is fun to chat 2


Arcanine18-we made a team Its my baby <3

ϟ EmperorEctoshock ϟ-Oh great and powerful movemaster!!! hi :]

Dunsparce123- Awww yea Dunsparce So good to chat too, appreciates my link spamming :)

Mystic Suicune-Always wants help with teams. But thats fine.

Puff the Hoppip-He's cool 'nd stuff

Crobaat-Baaty Baat he followed me from Amethyst lolz

MrK-He told me it was all ok and gave me a hug when i was  going through a rough time... (banned from amethyst [apparently constantly spamming and annoying people is against the rules... who knew o.O])

aerodactylking-He's soo friendly I'm Gonna die D: He's a good friend : ) [inb4 its a she]

Not a friend -Whitney's Miltank-Aka Satan


Kickbot-i dont know who he is but he always kicks me

raph- Breaking Point or Bryan Peters, you better smarten up and stop picking on me or i WILL get you banned

3 minutes ago Jar, go die in a hole.



<. <

About me: (┛◉Д◉)┛   ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ʀᴀɪsᴇ ᴜʀ ᴅᴏɴɢᴇʀs ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽/

(ง ͠° ل͜ °)ง ᴍᴀsᴛᴇʀ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴅᴏɴɢᴇʀ, ᴍᴀsᴛᴇʀ ᴛʜᴇ ᴇɴᴇᴍʏ (ง ͠° ل͜ °)ง

Awesome Furret: im feeling a warm spot :l
StarsignOfTheAbyss: did u piss yourself?

Eponyta Seconds Ago
"religion is like a penis, its ok to have one, just don't whip it out in public"

DaרkIce: glhf

Broken Hope: I hope you have no fun

DaרkIce: ;-;

New Name


Pip The Plup



Breaking Point, you have broken the rule on not breaking any rules besides making sexual references about your girlfriend (who I don't think is real). BAN.

y'know how the power plant and ghost tower are so close together right???? and you know how haunter and voltorb have exactly the same eyes, well a voltorb is a pokeball given life by a haunter trapped inside, and they use selfdestrcut cuz the hauners are angrily trying to explode there way out cuz there trapped

NFE banlist up there if you want an NFE battle Chat me in Chat or Post on the wall (ya thats new :O) i'll take u to amethyst and show ya a good time ;) Ask me for a battle after you've made your team please.

Top 3 Pokemon Movies 1.Numba 3 :the spell of the unknown 2.Numba 2: The power of 1 3. erm.... The Darkrai one???

Invalid was locked from talking by Queentrace.
[13:17] Umbreon1: yay!
Invalid was unlocked by Invalid.
[13:17] Umbreon1: imean wut

Poll on Amethyst' X or Y?' 26 asked 8 for x 9 for Y 5 didnt respond, or wudn't becuz they hate me cough sir cookies cough

dusknoir64: maybe we should settle this with what this site was made for?
Umbreon1: Umbreon1 has started a game of rock-paper-scissors!


Do you think can see a apettite supressant analysis?
I am just Satisfaction that i'm turning Sixteen years of down the road. Because there are nowadays some people who actually read about apettite supressant examine, Let me have in mind the sort of issues that consumers hunt for whenever they understand this. Determining baby gender? Kudos!
I lost brain cells reading this...
commented by |SentByRavens|

Dafuq did i just read?
commented by Eeveeloution   

this.... has nothing to do with pokemon.
commented by

This has nothing to do with anything o.o
commented by |SentByRavens|

[there was a big ass link here but it broke my page so i stabbed it o.O]
commented by Eeveeloution   

lol. what everyone is thinking ^ XD
commented by knightofdragon
Maybe there should be comma's?
commented by Eeveeloution
This, sir, deserves to be applauded.
commented by Once

I see nothing about Pokémon  here : /

Nothing to do here
commented by Puff The Hoppip

I have a theory.

Maybe her Snorlax died to a grass Knot so she's giving it weight loss pills. also it pregnant
commented by Eeveeloution

wow ;o
commented by knightofdragon

Low Kick makes more sense than Grass Knot :3
commented by FizzSwift

Fine her snorlax got low kicked
commented by Eeveeloution


4 Answers

I think I get it.

So what you're saying is that you are somewhat happy that you are about to turn 16. Apparently, you or someone you know is obese and they need to take these diet pills. Unfortunately, Phentermine is illegal and very unsafe so you were going to ask us, teenaged youth, to recommend if you should put buy it. There are some people who disagree with taking Phentermine because it is highly unsafe yet determining baby genders which you find is controversial...? Kudos to me!

Or everything you said is what you actually meant and no translation is needed.

  answered by Once
:) Kudos to you.
commented by Eeveeloution   

Do you even grammar bro?

  answered by |SentByRavens|
What do you mean his grammar good.
commented by Dr.Flame



Yeah I can see one. But on the more serious note, I sometimes lose appetite too. Grammatically speaking.

  answered by Dr.Flame


From Pokemon => Weight Pills => Babies => Grammar Errors

You sir are a genius. +1

answered by knightofdragon


[13:05] Invalid<3: i wanna have a baby :(

[13:05] Invalid<3: all these celebrities with their babies....

[13:05] Invalid<3: i want one

[13:05] Invalid<3: i'll call it Invalid

[13:06] ~Invalid: if so, it will hear the same joke its whole life

[13:06] ~Invalid: "your argument is Invalid"

[13:06] Invalid<3: ...

[13:07] Invalid<3: thats the single greatest thing i've ever heard

[13:07] Invalid<3: u might say its not but...

[13:07] Invalid<3: your argument

[13:07] Invalid<3: is Invalid

[13:07] Invalid<3: hahahahahaha

candy35: I didnt

candy35: slap him

candy35: I hi-fived his face

candy35: xDDDD

ElitestarEX: -_-

ElitestarEX: I didnt kidnap them

ElitestarEX: I adopted them by suprise
 Teleports away with metaknight

 eww metaknight

teleport with zelda (try to feel her boob) imean wut


you have never made me laugh

 but that there

 deserves one of Onces rare



 made once lol. life complete =]


 ElitestarEX: Well if you keep thinking like that how are you ment to make more friends

Pach¡risu: by liking better people

~Queentrace: Yo.

gmc11203: hi Qt

gmc11203: I remember when I was young

gmc11203: I was super cute

gmc11203: :)

~Queentrace: Nobody cares.

~Queentrace: In fact, I take that back.

gmc11203: !

~Queentrace: Everyone hates you talking about that.

gmc11203: :'(


Move- System Shock Type; Ghost Power;35 Accuracy 100 Special- This attcak hits the foe  from inside. It has a 30% chance to Poison (includes Steel types) and a 5% chane to deal deadly poison (toxic) It deals double damage when the foe uses protect or substitute. It breaks the sub as well a dealing damage.


Movey the Move   -Name; Psy-Drop- Power??? accuracy 100- The power is determined by how much the users attack beats the foe's special attack by so like electro ball but with two different stats. The Users Pulls the Foe near with Psychic energy Then grabs the foe And slams it down. The foe is harmed by entry hazardsd on the USERS side

I Sell u a Torchic, ask On Chat

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You baguette
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jello misses you too
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