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Gender: Boy, I think, aged 13 as of yet :3 (B-day is on 26/03)
Country: Earth, Europe, British Isles, England, London. 'Nuff Said :)
Favorite Pokémon: -Flare-
Friend Codes: Pokemon Showdown! Username(s): Flareykinz (normal alt), and
Leader Flareykinz (OU monotype gym leader alt).

My 'Leader Flareykinz' is where I'm GL (◈) and Flareykinz is my normal alt.
Every single person is my friend unless they're a troll, or a douche. (Shower)
About me: Scald has the same chance at burning as Focus Blast has at missing.

Anyway, I'm a normal guy, who likes a nice laugh... battling wise I'm no competitive beast or anything, but I do play monotype and OU, both which I've been tutored in by Enoch and Blob but I'm still learning stuff so I'm not incredible or anything, I'm always up for a good match.

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At least I come back once in awhile to check if megaflygon is here yet!
Oct 1 by Megaflygon
Get your ass back here now son.
Aug 22 by ReadyAimFire
Come back, I miss you!!
Jul 12 by Victini Victory
You came back .0.?
Apr 2 by Aeternis
Are you alive?
Mar 30 by Generekt
I missed your return? Allow me to execute myself for this crime...

Seriously though, I got really worried. We need a catch up soon :D
Mar 25 by ReadyAimFire
Think I might be leaving PokeBase for a long time. Goodbye old friend.
Feb 24 by Metallix
Hey flarez, I think I know who won the contest.

Feb 21 by Megaflygon
I haven't seen you in a while. I hope I'll do soon.
Feb 14 by ThatAin'tFalco
Feb 5 by Poke'slash